adopted at the AGM on Saturday 6th May 2017, and amended at the AGM on Saturday 20th April 2019.

1. Title and Purpose

1.1 The organisation shall be called the English Orienteering Council (EOC). The purpose of the Council shall be to control the international orienteering affairs of the English regions of British Orienteering when, and only when, these affairs are exclusively English. British Orienteering is acknowledged to be the controlling body in all international orienteering affairs which relate to the whole of the United Kingdom.

2. Membership and Representation

2.1 Each English Regional Orienteering Association affiliated to British Orienteering is a constituent member of the EOC.

2.2 Each constituent member shall designate an individual member of the regional association to represent them in EOC matters and management, and shall communicate the identity of its representative to the EOC Secretary.

3. General Meetings

3.1 The operations of the EOC shall be controlled by the designated representatives of the constituent members meeting in general committee, and acting as required for the efficient management of EOC business.

3.2 The Council’s general committee shall comprise one representative from each constituent member. No individual shall represent more than one constituent member at a meeting of the general committee.

3.3 The general committee of the Council shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) between 20 March and 31 May each year.

3.4 Any two constituent members may call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the general committee at any time provided that they give at least four weeks’ notice to the secretaries of all other constituent members and to the Secretary of the Council, and circulate an agenda four weeks in advance of that meeting.

3.5 Amendments to the Constitution may be proposed by any region and shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Council at least four weeks before an AGM or EGM. Any other proposals shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Council at least four weeks in advance of the meeting at which it is proposed that they are to be considered.

3.6 The Secretary of the Council shall send the agenda of the AGM to each English region not less than fourteen days before the meeting.

3.7 A meeting of the general committee shall be quorate provided it is attended by representatives of at least three constituent members.

3.8 Where a decision by ballot is required at any meeting of the general committee, the designated representative of each constituent member shall have one vote. All matters shall be resolved by a simple majority of the designated representatives present at the meeting. In the event of a tie, a proposal shall be deemed to be not carried. No proxy votes are allowed.

4. Officers

4.1 The general committee shall elect a Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer annually at the AGM to serve until the end of the next AGM. These EOC Officers shall conduct the day-to-day operations of the EOC but these roles are non-voting and will not have a vote in the general committee unless they are designated representatives, as defined in Clause 2.2.

4.2 The Secretary shall record and promulgate Minutes of Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings.

4.3 The Chairman may fill, pending the next AGM, any vacancy that may occur amongst the EOC Officers.

5. Finances

5.1 The financial year of the EOC shall run from 1 January to 31 December.

5.2 Accounts for each year shall be produced by the Treasurer by 28 February of the following year and, after review, submitted to the next AGM for approval.

5.3 The AGM shall appoint a person to review that year’s accounts before they are submitted for approval at the next year’s AGM.

5.4 The Treasurer shall draw up and circulate to all constituent members a proposed budget for the next financial year and recommend any subventions necessary to cover forecast expenditure.

5.5 All payments from the Council’s funds shall be approved by one of the Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer if less than £1,000, and by two of the Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer if equal to or greater than £1,000.

5.6 All surplus income or profits are to be reinvested in the Council. No surpluses or assets will be distributed to constituent members or third parties.

6. Team Managers and Selectors

6.1 The Council shall appoint selection panels comprising a Chair of Selectors and up to two selectors for each of the junior, senior and veteran teams. These selection panels shall also select the relevant elements of any ‘all ages’ teams. The Council shall appoint a Team Manager for each team. These appointments shall be confirmed at each AGM.

7. Communications

7.1 Each constituent member shall inform the Secretary of the person or persons, to a maximum of three, to whom any notices shall be sent. Such communications shall be sent by email unless requested otherwise.

8. Safeguarding Children & At-risk Adults

8.1 The English Orienteering Council agrees to adopt the British Orienteering Policies, Procedures, Rules and Regulations as published on the British Orienteering website.

8.2 All individuals involved in orienteering through the English Orienteering Council, in any capacity, are deemed to have assented to and abide by and adhere to the British Orienteering Policies, Procedures, Rules and Regulations as published on the British Orienteering website.

8.3 Both the English Orienteering Council and its members agree to abide by the final outcome of any disciplinary and appeal proceedings.

9. Dissolution of the Council

9.1 Upon dissolution of the Council any assets remaining shall be given or transferred to a registered Community Amateur Sports Club, a registered charity or British Orienteering, the sport’s governing body in the United Kingdom, for use by them in activities exclusively related to English representative orienteering.