1. The organisation shall be called the English Orienteering Council, hereinafter called the Council.
  2. The object of the Council shall be to control the international orienteering affairs of the English regions of the British Orienteering Federation when, and only when these affairs are exclusively English. The British Orienteering Federation is acknowledged to be the controlling body in all international orienteering affairs which relate to the whole of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  3. The Council shall consist of one representative of each English region affiliated to the British Orienteering Federation. Each representative shall have one vote.
  4. The Council shall elect a Chairman and two other officers. These officers will not have a vote unless they are members of the Council as defined in Clause 3.
  5. The Council may co-opt up to three non-voting members.
  6. The Council may appoint committees as may be necessary. Such Committees shall report to the Council through a representative or a co-opted member.
  7. The Council shall, before the end of the calendar year, draw up and circulate to all affiliated English Regions a proposed budget for the next financial year and recommend any subscriptions necessary to cover such expenditure.
  8. Each English region shall pay subscriptions as agreed by the Council following the adoption of the budget.
  9. Each New Year the Council shall draw up a financial statement for the previous financial year and distribute to all affiliated English regions.
  10. This constitution may be altered and other matters resolved by a simple majority of the representatives (e.g. if there are nine English regions affiliated to the British Orienteering Federation then five regions would form a majority).
  11. Any two English regions may call a meeting of the Council provided that they give at least four weeks notice to the secretaries of all other English regions and circulate an agenda four weeks In advance of that meeting.
  12. In the event of the dissolution of the Council any assets thereof must not be distributed amongst the members of the Council in any way whatsoever.
  13. In the event of the dissolution of the Council, any assets shall be given to any replacement body which takes responsibility for exclusively English international orienteering affairs.