English Orienteering Council

Junior Selection Policy – Ward Junior Home International 2009 

Selection for the England team for the Ward Junior Home International to be held in September in Wales will be based on results in  the following races

British Orienteering Champs  SCOA  28th February
JK     NEOA  11th-12th April
National Event   SWOA  3rd May

..and all known form up until beginning of  July 2009.  .

The team is made up of 4 juniors from each of the following age classes; M&W 14, M&W 16, M&W 18.

M/W18’s seeking selection would be expected to run the FCC/UK Cup course at the British Orienteering Championships and M/W18E courses at other selection races.

The Selectors would expect that any athlete wishing to represent England would compete in at least three of the above races.

England Junior Selectors:

Keith Marsden (SEOA)      Hilary Palmer    (EMOA)      Sarah Noot   (YHOA)