The England team for the Senior Home International in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland on 3-4 October 2009 will comprise 6 x M21s, 6 x W21s, 3 x M20 and 3 x W20.  The team will be selected using the results of all National Events, UK Cup and Future Champions Cup from 21 February to 14 July 2009, with greater importance accorded to the “Long” races.  Other known form (till 14 July 2009) will be considered.  Potential team members are advised to draw the selectors’ attention to results in other races they feel would contribute to the selection process.  If M20 or W20 competitors run in the Open (21) class then their results will be taken into account on a mpk basis.
The selectors would be pleased to hear from any potential team member who, having run for another nation, wishes to reinvigorate their international career running for England.  Eligibility criteria for HIs are detailed on the BOF “Events/Competitions/Home Internationals” webpage
Selections will be made and promulgated by 31 July 2009.
Selectors: Martin Ward (SYO/SPOOK), Lesley Ross (OD), John Rye (RMOC, Chairman)