Minutes of the English Orienteering Council AGM
held at Royal Marines Reserve Tyne,
Newcastle-upon-Tyne on 10th April 2009


  • Philip Gristwood Chair
  • Catherine Galvin Treasurer
  • Helen Gristwood Kit Officer
  • John Rye TM, Chair, Seniors Selectors
  • Chris Morris Secretary
  • Brenda Morgan WMOA
  • Arthur Vince SWOA
  • Simon Greenwood SEOA
  • Henry Morgan Observer
  • Catherine Vince Observer

Meeting opened at 5:05 pm

1. Apologies

  • Jerry Newcombe – SCOA
  • Derek Gale – EMOA
  • Steve Round – NWOA, EAOA, YHOA, SCOA
  • Jackie Hallett
  • Jeff Butt
  • Keith Marsden
  • Sarah Brown

2. Acceptance of 2008 Minutes

The minutes of the 2008 meeting were accepted as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

From AOB; the parental consent form for JHI should have a permission section with regards to photographs.
Secretary to write Team Manager (Jeff Butt) to check that this is the case.

4. Chairman’s Report

Only the Junior team managed to win this year following a 100% successful year last year, although we were comfortably in second place in the SHI and VHI. The Veteran team would probably have won were it not for a first leg runner breaking his wrist en route to control 1! Hopefully we will do better next year.

The EOC Website is running very successfully.

Following a meeting with BOF in Jan 08 we obtained funding of £1800 for 2008. Early this year, noticing a report on favourable BOF funding from Sport England, the Chairman took the opportunity to write to BOF to lobby for increased funding for 2009. He recently met Mike Hamilton and discussed this with him and obtained reassurance that it would be considered at the next board meeting (shortly after the JK), and that he hoped that we would receive at least as much as we had before.

5. Treasurer’s Report

Catherine Galvin explained the forecast for the coming year in detail (full presentation is available on request). The objective was to hold sufficient cash to pay outgoings e.g. coach for Interland as they fell due. This could be well ahead of the event. The EOC therefore need at least £2k in the bank.

We also needed to hold a stock of England kit for team members (currently worth £1.4k) as suppliers are not sufficiently reactive to supply when required at short notice.

Catherine proposed the acceptance of the 2008 statements. She also proposed the adoption of team member flat rate personal contributions & regional association per adult member levy as set out in the table below. This was seconded by Simon Greenwood and carried unanimously. Simon added that, should the ~£2k contribution from British Orienteering not be forthcoming for 2009, then the per adult member levy should rise 25p, to 75p, generating an extra £1.7k of revenue.

6. Home Internationals

JHI (Ainsdale Dunes, England) Results

Position Team Points
1 England 128
2 Scotland 114
3 Wales 60
4 Ireland 58

SHI (Scotland, Perthshire) Results

Position Team Points
1 Scotland 126
2 England 105
3 Ireland 62
4 Wales 39

VHI (N Ireland, Magilligan Sands) Results

Position Team Points
1 Scotland 269
2 England 267
3 Wales 224
4 Ireland 130

Dates of all 2009 HIs have now been fixed in the autumn and can be found on the EOC website.

In 2009 EMOA is hosting the VHI on behalf of the English regions and the first bulletin has already been posted by DVO. The relays will be at Longshaw and the individual event at Eyam Moor.

In 2010 England is due to host the SHI and SCOA feature on the roster for leading arrangements. Unfortunately in the recent National Fixtures meeting they have backed down due to difficulties in arranging the accommodation and social side of the event.

7. Interland

Another win making 14 in a row. Happy Herts hosted the 2009 match in February at their National event at Burnham Beeches.

Position Team Points
1 EOC – England 168
2 VVO – Vlaander 111
3 FRSO – Walonie 92
4 NOLB – Nederlands 36
WTB – Westfalen unfortunately did not attend

The winning margin was quite large this year following a narrow victory last year.

VVO have already invited us to Interland 2010 in Belgium during the weekend of March 7th, 2010 in the neighborhood of Leopoldsburg

In an interesting Interland development, following approaches from the Northern part of France, the Ligue Nord–Pas de Calais de course d’orientation (LNPCCO) have been invited to send a team to Interland 2010 as a trial, to show that it would be to the sporting benefit of both LNPCCO and the current teams/orienteers.

8. Appointment of Selectors

Following the sad death of Ivor Noot in April last year Andy Hemsted kindly wrote a eulogy which was published on our Website. Following a selection process between 3 or 4 candidates, Tim Tett (SYO) was appointed in July as a Selector for the Veteran team

9. Selection policies

All three selection policies for this year are in place and published on our Website.

10. Website

As mentioned above it is running well, but we still have some difficulties in posting photographs ourselves and need help from the web developer. If anyone can provide any further historic information, previous results, etc. we would be pleased to have it to add to the site.
Secretary to write to Chris James enquiring if he has any historic data that could be published.

At the request of the Chairman, the Webmaster (Tim Holt) set up a counter so that we could check how frequently people have been visiting our site. This was running just before Interland. From February 16th to 8th April we have had 1431 visits with a peak of 192 on the day of Interland, and we are currently running at between 10 and 20 visits per day. We have had visitors from all over the world including China and Russia, but so far no-one from S America, Africa, India or the Middle East. Belgium and France have featured most highly due to Interland.

We have continued to get a good support service from Tim Holt and although we budgeted a sum of £75 for maintenance and development he has intimated that he will not need any payment for the past year as he considers this is his contribution to orienteering. We record our thanks to him for this. If we need any significant work from him in future we are prepared to pay for that. We have recently paid the fee for hosting the website for another year.

Secretary to write to Tim, offering our thanks and also enquiring about the methods for backing up the server and hence protecting our data.

11. Team Kit

We hold a lot of team kit as mentioned in section 5 above. Ultrasport now supply the O tops.

Hoodies and T-shirts are now available; anyone may wear the t-shirt but Hoodies are available only to selected teams and officials of the EOC. Full details are available from Helen.

12. Election of Officers

The Council shall elect a Chairman and one other officer each year.

Philip Gristwood was re-elected as Chairman unopposed. Proposed by Simon Greenwood, and seconded by Brenda Morgan

Last year the Secretary was elected. This year it would be the Treasurer to be elected. Catherine Galvin has been doing the job of Treasurer for 6 years and has now indicated that she wishes to step down following this AGM. We are very grateful to Catherine for all her efforts and wonderful spreadsheets and our thanks were recorded.

This being the case it was suggested that the Secretary be reelected and the committee co-opt a Treasurer in due course. This was proposed by Brenda and seconded by Helen. Chris Morris was duly reelected unopposed.

(Post-meeting note: Lesley Ross of OD volunteered to takeover the Treasurer role and was therefore co-opted on to the Committee. Formal election will take place at next years AGM)

13. AOB

Hosting HI’s in England – Next year England is due to host the SHI and SCOA were to take this on. Unfortunately SCOA have backed down due to difficulties in arranging the accommodation and social side of the event. For this year’s VHI in EMOA there has been some difficulty in satisfying the teams’ requirements for both accommodation and a venue for evening meal for all teams. At the BOF National Fixtures meeting there was support from several others for not being responsible for arrangements other than hosting the actual event. The view of the Chairman, Peter Guillame, was that the host club should just find a venue for teams to meet, perhaps for a meal together, and maybe suggest accommodation, but not to make the arrangements. There was general agreement for this suggestion.

It was suggested that it may be advantageous to appoint a “travel agent” for the EOC who would liaise with regional contact to facilitate accommodation etc at Home International events.

Secretary to organise an appeal on the website to gauge opinion.

The purchase of the England team banner was approved by the EOC officials after the last AGM.

Home International Team Composition – Proposal: to remove 35s from the veteran team composition.

  • Background. The SHI team composition was revised in 2000 to exclude specific places for 35s. In 2006 it was proposed to include 35s in the teams for the VHI and the EOC AGM supported this. However at the last VHI team leaders meeting 2 of the other nations proposed that 35s be removed from the VHI teams but a decision was deferred. The England VHI team leader sought direction and recommended that 35s be removed.
  • Factors. The arguments for removing 35s from the VHI were: 35s aren’t really veterans and don’t think of themselves as veterans. The best, in all teams, will often gain a place in the senior team (and that is their national representative outlet). Though the WMOC has a 35 category the main motive is to maximize entry numbers. The best 35s are racing in the WOC. Selection is difficult and often the 35s in the teams are either weak or not 35s (ie 40s, 45s or even 50s). Their inclusion makes the teams so large (24) that it increases the administration challenge (ie accommodation and evening meal) for organizers. The argument for keeping 35s in the team was that it offered an opportunity for 35s who were not good enough to make the senior team (6 x 21s/open) to race for their home country. It was noted we now had 3 excellent M35s who would be an asset to the team.
  • Decision. The meeting agreed that the VHI team leader should be mandated to vote in favour of removal of 35s from the veteran teams at the next VHI (to take effect from 2010 VHI).

14. Next meeting

Provisionally proposed to be at the JK in the SW, Braunton Burrows near Barnstaple, on either Fri 2nd or Sat 3rd April 2009. The meeting was in agreement of the Friday option if locations are suitable.

Meeting closed at 6:32pm

A full copy of the presentations is available by emailing secretary@orienteeringengland.org.uk