England O Tops – New design (Scimitar) White/Red with Orienteering England badge printed on the front and “ENGLAND” in red on the back, which all members of the team are invited to buy and wear. Mens YXL, XS 32-34”, S 34-36”, M 38-40”, L 40-42″, Womens XXS (6) ,XS (8) ,S (10),M (12) ,L(14).
England Sweatshirts Sizes S & M small stock available .
kit5cEngland Hoodies – white with the Orienteering England badge embroidered on the front, “ENGLAND” in red on the back. Sizes S, M, L & XL.
Technical T-shirt/Running Top – New design.
Sizes XS 35″, S 38″, M 40″, L 43″.
kit5eEngland Supporter T-Shirts – white with the embroidered Orienteering England badge on the front.

Hoodies and Tshirts are “Fruit of the Loom”, and generously sized
Kit should be purchased via your team manager but ordered via a google link . Please contact the kit officer if you have not received one from your team manager.

England O Top, Scimitar £29
England O Top Old Design (UltraSport) Small stock available £29
England Hoodie £21
England Technical T shirt £12
England Supporter T shirt £9
England Sweatshirt £10

kit5dEngland Badges – Presented to new England team members.

Kit Officer –

Kit Entitlement

  • Anyone may wear the supporter T-shirt.
  • Hoodies are available only to selected team members who take part in the competition, and officials of the EOC. This includes Reserves who actually travel with the team, whether they are called up to run or not.
  • O-Tops and Jackets are available only to selected team members who actually take part in the competition. This includes reserves who are called up to run. It also includes selected team members who travel but are unable to run due to injury/illness.