The British Isles has enjoyed Home International competition between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales (collectively the ‘Home Nations’) since 1975. For nearly 50 years this has been realised as separate annual matches at junior, senior and veteran levels and the team from Ireland has long been drawn from all four provinces, administered/governed by NIOA.

These domestic internationals, called the Junior Home International (JHI), the Senior Home International (SHI) and the Veteran Home International (VHI), offer opportunity for the best athletes in the UK, in every age group, to race for their nation.

The Rules and Guidelines for each can be found at:

The Rules and Guidelines cover:

  • Scheduling (normally in the autumn)
  • Hosting/organisation (a rota for hosting all three HIs, managed by the BOF Event Scheduling Group)
  • Format (individual on Saturday and relay on Sunday)
  • Team composition
    • JHI: 4 athletes in each age group M/W 14, 16, 18 (total: 24)
    • SHI: 3 M20s, 6 senior men, 3 W20s and 6 senior women (total: 18)
    • VHI: 2 men and 2 women in each age group 45, 50, 55, 60 and 65, and one man and one woman in 40 and 70 age groups (total: 24)
  • Eligibility (qualifying by birth, parentage or residence)
  • Classes and courses (details and target winning times)
  • Scoring (individual, relay and combined)
  • Trophies and prizes – photographs of the trophies are here:
  • Finance (self-financing, JHI sources of funding)
  • Supporting administration (accommodation, meals and social)
  • Communications (event bulletins)

The home internationals started in 1975 with a competition at senior level on Craig a Barns. A junior event followed in 1976 on Harrop Tarn and Greystoke and later, in 1990, the first veteran home international was held on Pembrey Sands. More detail is available on the History page.

The four Home Nations have ownership of the Home Internationals and joint responsibility for all the Rules and Guidelines. Any questions regarding these Rules should be emailed to: