Minutes of the English Orienteering Council AGM
held at The Speech House Hotel, Forest of Dean
on Saturday 18th April 2015


EOC Officials
Philip Gristwood Chair
Lesley Ross Treasurer
John Duffield Secretary
Voting Regional Reps
Richard Tiley NWOA
Alistair Tinto YHOA
Simon Greenwood SEOA
John Hurley EMOA
Christine Vince SWOA
Andy Hemsted Chair Veterans Selectors
Penny Hemsted
Helen Gristwood Kit
Arthur Vince
John Rye Interland TM & Senior Selector
Actions: Responsible:
EOC Constitution update John Duffield
Regional championship additional levy? EOC members (Regional representatives)
Thanking hosting clubs Regional Chairs
Interland selection policies (x 3) England selection panel chairs (x 3)
Website support and webmaster thanks John Duffield
‘Ultra-veteran’ class inclusion Andy Hemsted

The meeting opened at 4:30 pm
1. Apologies

  • Apologies were received from Bob Brandon (WMOA), Paul Becket (EAOA), Alun Jones (SCOA), Charlie Adams (Senior Team Manager), Sarah Brown (Veteran Team Manager), Keith Marsden (Junior Chair Selector), Karen Kirk (Sponsorship)

2. Acceptance of 2014 Minutes

  • The minutes of the 2014 meeting were accepted as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  • The Secretary reported that he was in the process of updating the Constitution, but was not yet ready to submit a version for discussion. This item is deferred to next year Action: John Duffield

4. Chair’s Report

  1. In 2014 the Veteran team won their Home International and in both the WJHI and SHI the England team were a close second to the Scots. Congratulations are due to all team members and thanks to the team managers and selectors.
  2. In 2014 we were fortunate that CompassSport produced Christmas cards to sell in aid of JROS and EOC. This resulted in a grant of £1000 to help our finances with the possibility of a further small grant in future. This will not be repeated for a few years as a lot of work is involved for a few people in selling the cards. Recently the Chair wrote to the Chief Executive of BOF to ask for funding for 2015. We were informed that currently they could again not commit to provide any funding this year.
  3. The Chair offered the suggestion that EOC should be part funded by a levy on the various regional championships, and invited comments from the regional representatives.

Action: Regional Representatives

5. Treasurer’s Report

  1. The Treasurer presented the accounts for 2013. There were no comments. Simon Greenwood proposed that they be accepted, and Alastair Tinto seconded. The proposal was carried nem con.
  2. The Treasurer presented the accounts for 2014. There were no comments. Simon Greenwood proposed that they be accepted, and Richard Tiley seconded. The proposal was carried nem con.
  3. The Treasurer had previously circulated her forecast for 2015, including funding proposals. After some discussion, she proposed the following rates:
  4. Home International Juniors £95
    Home International Seniors £80
    Home International Veterans £95
    Interland 2016 (in Belgium) £95

    Regional per capita contribution for 2015      65p (unchanged from 2014)

    Mileage rates to stay unchanged.

    Simon Greenwood seconded the proposal, which was carried nem con.

  5. The Treasurer said that the budget was designed to ensure a balance of £3,000 by the end of 2015 as we needed to cover payment of deposits for Interland 2016 and to have some cash in hand for kit procurement.
  6. At the last AGM it had been noted that our accounts had not been not audited or reviewed. The Treasurer had secured the services of Trevor Simpson (FRCA and OD) to review both the 2013 and 2014 accounts. He had provided written confirmation that they were in order. The Council thanked him for doing this.

6. Home Internationals

  • Ward JHI (Oban, Scotland) – results:
      England Ireland Scotland Wales
    Individual 79 34 73 28
    Relays 48 22 56 18
    Total 127 56 129 46
  • SHI (Deeside, Scotland) – results:
      England Ireland Scotland Wales
    Individual 24 10 28 10
    Relays 26 11 25 10
    Total 50 21 53 20

    Sprint Home International (Edinburgh/Stirling):
           Cumulative time over 2 races

      Denmark 2:26:15
    1 Scotland 2:34:25
      Austria 2:38:25
    2 England 2:43:25
      Lithuania 2:44:32
    3 Ireland 2:57:39
    4 Wales 2:58:28

    This Sprint HI was on a trial basis and we have already made a statement saying that the EOC are unwilling to provide support for participation in future.

  • VHI (Forest of Dean, England) – results:
      England Ireland Scotland Wales
    Individual 138 68 125 92
    Relays 116 40 90 66
    Total 254 108 215 158
  • Dates of all 2015 Home Internationals have now been fixed in the autumn and can be found on the EOC website. When it’s England’s turn to host an HI the responsibility rests on the designated region and the roster is on the EOC website. After some discussion, it was agreed that it was the responsibility of the region, not the EOC, to formally thank any club that put on one of these events.

    Action: Regional Representatives

7. Interland

  • England’s turn to host – thanks due to MV for running it at White Downs in the Surrey Hills. England recorded another win making 21 in a row.
    Grand Total 138 24 98 104 207
    Position 2 5 4 3 1
    Junior Cup 45 3 46 45 77
    Position =3 5 2 =3 1
  • Interland 2016 is in Belgium on 21st February hosted by VVO.
  • WTB (German) have stated that they are withdrawing from the competition for the time being.
  • John Rye had prepared a proposal concerning England representation which has been sent to the other nations. This is reproduced here:

Issue: England wishes to trial sending an East of England and a West of England team and requests that you agree to this experiment in 2016.

Background: England has competed annually in the Interland Cup match since 1995 and has won every time, albeit very close in some years. To make it more equal, England wish to trial sending two smaller teams: one selected from the eastern regions of England and one from the west. Within the competition format of 14 age group classes from W and M14 to W and M60+ the trial proposal is to race and score as two teams keeping numbers manageable by nominating only 2 athletes per class (rather than the standard 3): 28 in each of the two teams. Normally England bring 8 reserves so in numbers terms this increases the number from 50 (42 + 8) to 56 (plus 2 leaders).

Timing: The 2016 Interland is in Belgium on 21 February. The WTB team has withdrawn so there is a spare team ‘slot’. Caveat: EOC AGM (in April) approval is needed for this trial. An indication of whether agreement is likely would be useful but not necessary by 14 April and would inform that meeting.

Decision: We rely on you our continental competitors to agree to this trial – it would not go ahead if you don’t. You are invited to agree or not by 15 May, so we can issue the team(s?) selection policy, whatever the decision, in good time.

Factors when considering this proposal:

  • For a few years (decade?) leaders of the competing nations/federations have occasionally suggested, in the spirit of friendly competition, that maybe a ‘South of England’ team would offer a more balanced competition at Interland. The EOC counter argument has been that it has no governance mechanism for effecting such representation.
  • We hope you recognise this proposal as a trial as an effort to react to these concerns.
  • Manageable for administration (eg entries), travel and accommodation/meals (only 6 more athletes).
  • Start lists could accommodate (gap left by the German WTB team)
  • England have the quality for two ‘2 per class’ teams which can be of fairly equal strength, though inevitably with some classes stronger in one team or the other.
  • We have looked at the option of North of England and South of England teams but this would result in teams which would be too unequal.

There was a brief discussion and it was noted that the other nations’ agreement was required which may not be forthcoming. The Chair commented that the main rationale was to provide a more balanced competition which the other nations might win. The proposal was carried nem con, on the basis that it would be a one-off trial, to be reviewed afterwards, It was also noted that where there are ten-year age classes in teams, one competitor should come from each five year age group. If this trial goes ahead, selection policies will be required to reflect the team specification.

Action: Keith Marsden, John Rye, Andy Hemsted

8. Appointment of Selectors & Team Managers
None of the selectors or team managers have said they do not wish to continue. Current selection panels are named on the EOC website.

9. Selection policies

  • All three 2015 HI selection policies are published on the EOC website.

10. Website

  • The EOC website is still running successfully with John Cooke as webmaster. Photographs are now being routinely added to galleries. Some of the other content needs to be tidied up a bit but it is becoming a useful repository for our records. If anyone can provide any further historic information, previous results, etc. we would be pleased to have it to add to the site.
  • Over the last year the counter shows we continue to have an average of over 850 visitors each month, up a little compared to last year. In that time we have had over 5000 different visitors, 20% more than last year. As usual there are peaks corresponding with competitions. We have had visitors from 102 countries, up from 90 last year.
  • Tim Holt has continued to support us over the past year and we recorded our thanks to him for this. The secretary will write to John and Tim to thank them and to confirm that they are willing to continue their help in the future.
  • Action: John Duffield

11. Team Kit

  • In order to meet demand, we hold an ample quantity of kit. Ordering on demand is not an option as delivery times are too long. We get a discount of 5% and free postage for ordering hoodies and T shirts in reasonable numbers.
  • Prices remain the same for this year :
  • O tops are selling for £36.
  • Hoodies are selling for £20
  • T shirts are selling for £9
  • In stock at the moment:
  • O tops 1 x XL, 4 x L, 8 x M, 12 x S, 6 x XS.v
  • Hoodies 8 x L, 8 x M, 10 x S.
  • T shirts 9 x L, 12 x M, 12 x S.
  • There will be no need to purchase any more this year as we have sufficient for the Home Internationals.

12. Election of Officers
Philip Gristwood was proposed as Chair, John Duffield as Secretary and Lesley Ross as Treasurer. Proposer – Alistair Tinto, Seconder Simon Greenwood. This was carried nem con. The Chairman thanked the Treasurer for all her work on the accounts and forecast and the Secretary for his able support throughout the year.

13. AOB
At the last AGM, John Duffield said he had been asked to raise the possibility of an Ultra-Veteran class in VHI, as there are an increasing number of such competitors, and they have no chance of being selected in competition with younger orienteers. Andy Hemsted observed that M and W65s were selected for the VHI and for Interland. Nevertheless he said that he would raise the matter with the other Home Countries, but he doubted that they had sufficient Ultra-Veterans and would probably not agree. Andy commented that he had not yet done nothing, but would investigate further.

Action: Andy Hemsted

14. Next meeting
The 2016 AGM was provisionally set for the Saturday of the British Champs weekend in the Bridgenorth area (WMOA) on Saturday 30th April.
The meeting closed at 5:23 pm