Minutes of the English Orienteering Council AGM
held at Finsthwaite & Lakeside Village Hall, Finsthwaite
Saturday 6th May 2017


EOC Officials
Philip Gristwood Chair
Lesley Ross Treasurer
Andy Hemsted Veteran Selector
John Duckworth Senior Selector
Voting Regional Reps
Ann-Marie Duckworth EMOA
Steve Round NWOA
Simon Greenwood SEOA
Alasdair Wilson-Craw NEOA
Mike Elliot SEOA – Minutes taker
Penny Hemsted  
Actions: Responsible:
Thanking hosting clubs Regional Chairs
Website support and webmaster thanks  

The meeting commenced at 5:00 pm

1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Helen Gristwood (Kit), Scott Collier (Secretary).

2. Acceptance of 2016 Minutes

The minutes of the 2016 meeting were accepted as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

Further work has been done on the update to the Constitution, and it has now been circulated, to be considered later in the agenda.

4. Chairman’s Report

  1. In 2016 both the Veteran team and the Junior team won their Home International and in the SHI the England team were only a single point behind the Scots, the closest we have been for some time. Congratulations are due to all team members and thanks to the team managers and selectors.
  2. Recently the Chair wrote to the Chief Executive of BOF to ask for funding for 2017. We were verbally informed that it was unlikely that they would be able to commit to provide any funding this year.

5. Treasurer’s Report

The statement of accounts for 2016 and a forecast for 2017 had recently been circulated. The 2016 accounts have been reviewed by Trevor Simpson.

It was proposed that the petrol rates remain as they are currently, and the travel cap for flight/train be reduced to £50.

The aim is to achieve a balance of at the very least £4000 by the end of the year to cover 2018 Interland costs – for payment of the accommodation deposits etc. and to have some cash flow for kit procurement.

All Home lnternational costs came in below budget; the travel costs were less than expected and the accommodation and food costs were also less.

It was recommended that the athlete personal contributions for forthcoming Home lnternationals be £95 for juniors, £100 for seniors and £110 for veterans; for lnterland next year to be £110. Also that the regional contribution be 75p per head, an increase of 5p from last year.

This should give enough capital to support the England competitions through to lnterland 2018 and the purchase of England kit.

Ann-Marie Duckworth proposed that the Accounts and all the financial recommendations be accepted. Simon Greenwood seconded this and the proposals were carried.

The Council formally recorded its thanks to Trevor Simpson for reviewing the Accounts.

6. Home Internationals

• Ward JHI (NATO, England) – results:

  England Ireland Scotland Wales
Individual 80 35 73 27
Relays 27 8 23 14
Total 107 43 96 41

• SHI (Eryri, Wales) – results:

  England Ireland Scotland Wales
Individual 22 8 27 15
Relays 27 8 23 14
Total 49 16 50 29

• VHI (N Ireland) – results:

  England Ireland Scotland Wales
Individual 154 88 112 65
Relays 122 74 80 30
Total 276 162 192 95

• Dates of all 2017 Home Internationals have now been fixed in the autumn and can be found on the EOC website.

All 2017 HI selection policies have been published on the EOC website.

When its England’s turn to host an HI the responsibility rests on the designated region and the roster is on the EOC website. It was previously agreed that it was the responsibility of the region, not the EOC, to formally thank any club that put on one of these events. This was mentioned again to ensure that the action is being carried out.

Action: Regional Representatives          

7. Interland

Hosted by FRSO in Belgium at Herbeumont. England again won the competition after last years defeat, and the juniors again won the Junior trophy.

Grand Total 110 52 132 158 202
Position 4 5 3 2 1
Junior Cup 37 12 45 54 78
Position 4 5 3 2 1

Interland 2018 is in the Netherlands near to Schadijk, on 11th March hosted by The Dutch Orienteering Federation and OLifant orienteering club.

8. Constitution Changes

The current constitution and draft proposed constitution were circulated to the regions prior to the meeting. The new constitution is not intended to bring in any major changes, but should put the way things currently work on a slightly more formal footing. Adoption of the new constitution was proposed by Simon Greenwood and seconded by Steve Round. All 4 regional representatives present were in favour but a majority from the 9 member regions was required. Subsequent to the meeting WMOA confirmed that they were in favour (and that Lesley Ross could have represented them), so the revised constitution will now replace the previous version.

9. Election of Officers

Philip Gristwood was proposed as Chair, and Lesley Ross as Treasurer. Proposer – Steve Round, Seconder – Simon Greenwood. This was carried nem con. John Duffield resigned as Secretary at the last AGM, although he finished off various outstanding matters. The Chairman had approached Scott Collier who agreed to take on the job of Secretary, although unfortunately he could not be present at this AGM (Mike Elliot kindly stood in to take the minutes in his place). Proposer – Steve Round, Seconder – Simon Greenwood. The Chairman thanked the Treasurer for all her work on the accounts and forecast and the Secretary for his efforts in preparing for this AGM.

10. Appointment of Selectors & Team Managers
Last autumn Lesley Ross (OD) stood down as a senior selector and has been replaced by Sarah Rollins (BAOC/SN). John Rye (RMOC) resigned as chairman of the Senior selectors and Martin Ward (SYO) has agreed to take over from this AGM when his BOF duties will have finished. The final senior selector position is being filled by John Duckworth (DVO). These appointments were confirmed by the meeting.
The current selection panels are named on the EOC website.

11. Website
• The EOC website is still running successfully with John Cooke as webmaster. Photographs are routinely added to galleries.
• Over the last year the counter shows we have an average of 700 visitors each month, down from 800 last year. In that time we have had just under 3700 different visitors, only about 10 less than last year. As usual there are peaks corresponding with competitions. We have had visitors from 68 countries, down from 83 last year.
• Tim Holt has continued to support us over the past year and we recorded our thanks to him for this. The secretary will write to John and Tim to thank them and to confirm that they are willing to continue their help in the future.

Action: Scott Collier          

12. Team Kit

Ultrasport are no longer supplying O tops so Helen has approached a company called Scimitar who make tops for GB for the World Schools and also OD. Graham Gristwood is designing the new top and, as soon as it has been agreed by Team Managers, she will go ahead and place an order. The tops should be cheaper than those of Ultrasport, but the ordering time is the same at 6-8 weeks. Hopefully the new tops will be ready for the HIs. There are still a few of the old tops in stock, and these will be available for sale alongside the new tops.

Once stocks of T shirts have been used, a new Technical T shirt will be introduced in its place.

Hoodies are still popular and a more up to date version will be introduced once current stocks have gone.

13. AOB

At the last AGM the Council discussed the proposed change in eligibility rules for Home Internationals. The conclusion was that we wished the rules to stay as they were, and if they are changed, we did not wish the English selectors to take advantage of the changes. This decision was fed back to the representatives of the Home Nations and the proposed change was agreed on a majority vote.

Steve Round had reported that IOM might in future be sending athletes to HIs and this might impact on the constitution. This was not thought to be a problem, although in theory they could be a separate home nation they could also affiliate with any of the other home nations, and it was most likely they would join with NWOA. It was decided to consider constitution changes when the need arises.

The Chairman gave notice that he would be retiring as chairman when he reaches the age of 70 at the end of May 2019.

14. Next meeting

The 2018 AGM was provisionally set for the Saturday of the JK weekend in the WMOA area on 31st March, but is dependent on BOF not choosing the same date.

The meeting closed at 5:55 pm