Minutes of the AGM of the English Orienteering Council
held at Deepcut Village Centre, Cyprus Road, Deepcut
on Saturday 20th April 2019


EOC Officials
Philip Gristwood Chair
Lesley Ross Treasurer
Scott Collier Secretary
Voting Regional Representatives
Peter Entwistle SCOA
Simon Greenwood SEOA
Paul Bradbury YHOA
Lesley Ross WMOA
Peter Woods EAOA
Actions: Responsible:
Regional Reps to remind regional chairs to thank clubs from the regions who host Home Internationals (PFO) Regional Representatives
The Secretary to speak to the British Orienteering CEO to explore whether there would be an appropriate mechanism for the EOC to affiliate to British Orienteering Secretary
The Secretary to explore different methods of advertising the upcoming vacancy for the role of Chair Secretary
The Chair to attempt to find the job description for the role of Chair Chair
The Chair to approach a candidate for the role of Welfare Officer Secretary
The Secretary to contact the new Kit Officer and the Treasurer regarding the possibility of purchasing some O tops in women’s fit Secretary
The Secretary to contact team managers to review their paperwork against the British Orienteering parental consent and data protection pro formas Secretary

The meeting commenced at 4:25 pm.

1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Stephen Round (NWOA), Christine Vince (SWOA), John Rye (Interland TM), Charlie Adams (SHI TM), Sarah Brown (VHI TM), Andy Hemsted (Chair, Vets Selectors), and Susan and Keith Marsden (Chairs, Junior Selectors).

2. Acceptance of 2018 AGM Minutes

Steve Round (NWOA) raised one point for correction in the 2018 AGM minutes.

Point 3 of the 2018 minutes stated that the (fledgling) Isle of Man club has been affiliated to both British Orienteering and NWOA in 2017. Steve had raised this subject at the 2017 AGM, when revisions to the EOC constitution were being considered, as there could have been implications for the IoM if a narrow wording was adopted.

Moves to form a club in IoM started in 2017 and they expressed interest in joining both British Orienteering and NWOA, but were unable to do so until both had made changes to their Articles or Constitution. These changes were made in October 2017, but the new club’s enthusiasm for joining appears to have waned in the meantime, despite offers of support from NWOA.

The wording in the second paragraph of point 3 of the 2018 AGM minutes is therefore incorrect in saying that the IoM club had affiliated in 2017 but have not re-affiliated; in fact, they have never affiliated to British Orienteering or to NWOA. However, the practical consequences of that are unlikely to be significant so it is just a case of getting the record straight.

With this amendment, the minutes of the 2018 AGM were adopted.

3. Matters arising


4. Chair’s Report

In 2018 all but one of the England Home International teams won their competitions, and we were a good 2nd in the WJHI. Our performance at Interland a few weeks ago improved and we regained the Interland Trophy with a comfortable margin. We were beaten into second place by only 1.5 points for the Junior cup. Congratulations are due to all team members and thanks to the team managers and selectors.

It was previously agreed that it was the responsibility of the region, not the EOC, to formally thank any club that put on one of these events. Regional Reps were asked to remind their regional chairs to ensure that the action is being carried out.

Action: Regional Representatives

Since the last AGM the Chair met the new Chief Executive of British Orienteering to explain the role of the EOC and to seek future funding. British Orienteering have indicated that they would be unable to support EOC at this stage.

5. Treasurer’s Report

The statement of accounts for 2018 and a forecast for 2019 had recently been circulated. The 2018 accounts have not been reviewed this year, except by the Chair.

It was proposed that the petrol rates remain as they are currently, and the travel cap for flight/train be kept at £50.

The aim is to achieve a balance of at the very least £4000 by the end of each year to cover future Interland costs – for payment of the accommodation deposits etc. and to have some cash flow for kit procurement.

The Senior and Veteran Home International costs came in on or below budget; but the Junior costs were slightly higher.

It was recommended that the athlete personal contributions for the 2019 Home Internationals be £110 (unchanged) for juniors, £90 (unchanged) for seniors and £95 (unchanged) for veterans; that the athlete contribution for Interland 2020 should be £60 (down £50 as located in SE England).

The proposal was for the regional contribution to remain at 80p per head following discussion at the last AGM.

Together these measures should give enough capital to support the England competitions through to Interland 2020 and the purchase of England kit.
Simon Greenwood (SEOA) proposed that the Accounts and all the financial recommendations be accepted; this was seconded by Paul Bradbury (YHOA) and carried nem con.

The Treasurer ran a cake sale at the 2018 CompassSport Cup Final which raised £330. The meeting offered our thanks to her and to others involved.
Nothing further has been taken on fundraising following the discussion at the 2018 AGM. However, WMOA kindly made a £500 donation from the profits of their JK. An approach may be made to SCOA if they make a profit at the 2019 JK.

Simon Greenwood (SEOA) suggested exploring opportunities for funding from grant-making bodies.

6. Home Internationals

• Ward JHI (Errochty Forest, Scotland) – results:

  England Ireland Scotland Wales
Individual 66 33 87 29
Relays 48 22 56 16
Total 114 55 143 45

• SHI (Hurstwood, PFO – NWOA) – results:

  England Ireland Scotland Wales
Individual 27 12 23 12
Relays 30 14 17 8
Total 57 26 40 20

• VHI (Blaenavon, South Wales) – results:

  England Ireland Scotland Wales
Individual 156 72 90 101
Relays 128 44 64 74
Total 284 116 154 175

Dates of all 2019 Home Internationals have now been fixed in the autumn and can be found on the EOC website.

All 2019 HI selection policies have been published on the EOC website.

When its England’s turn to host an HI the responsibility rests on the designated region and the roster is on the EOC website, and in 2019 there is no event hosted by England.

7. Interland

Interland 2019 was hosted by The Hauts de France Orienteering League (LHFCO) in the North of France in the foothills of the Ardennes at Saint Michel near Hirson. We won the Interland cup by a good margin but were narrowly beaten by VVO (one of the Belgian teams) for the Junior trophy.

Grand Total 153.5 22 132.5 133 181
Position 2 5 4 3 1
Junior Cup 66.5 4 57.5 49 65
Position 1 5 3 4 2

Interland 2020 is on 1st March in South East England at Burnham Beeches & Egypt Woods, hosted by HH.

8. Constitutional changes

The constitution changes, to incorporate the British Orienteering safeguarding statement, were approved nem con.

A query was raised around to what extent British Orienteering disciplinary procedings would be binding on the EOC, given that the EOC was not affiliated in any way to British Orienteering.

The Secretary suggested that it would be impractical for the EOC to create its own set of disciplinary procedures, and noted that the lack of a formal relationship between British Orienteering and the EOC raised questions around to what extent the officials and other volunteers supporting EOC activities – including adult volunteers responsible for junior on overnight and overseas trips – would be covered by British Orienteering’s liability insurance should anything go wrong.

The Secretary offered to speak to the British Orienteering CEO to explore whether there would be an appropriate mechanism for the EOC to affiliate to British Orienteering, so that the EOC could benefit from British Orienteering’s disciplinary procedures, liability insurance etc. The meeting assented to this proposal nem con.

Action: Secretary

9. Election of Officers

Scott Collier was prooposed as Secretary and Lesley Ross as Treasurer. The appointments were proposed by Peter Entwistle (SCOA) and seconded Paul Bradbury (YHOA), and carried nem con. The Chair thanked the Treasurer for all her work on the accounts and forecast and the Secretary for his efforts in preparing for this AGM.

The Chair again reminded the delegates that he had previously given notice that he would be retiring as Chair when he reaches the age of 70 at the end of May 2019.

As no candidates for the role of Chair had yet come forward, the Secretary undertook to explore different methos of advertising the upcoming vacancy (notices on EOC and British Orienteering websites, asking other EOC officials for any suggestions).

Action: Secretary

The Chair offered to attempt to find the job description for the role of Chair, which he believed may have been written several years previously.

Action: Chair

No candidates had come forward for the role of Welfare Officer. This would be is a new role for the EOC; given the relatively small number of events to which the EOC sends a team, this role is not expected to be unduly burdensome, and it may suit someone who is already active as a welfare officer for their club. One possible candidate was suggested; the Secretary offered to approach them.

Action: Secretary

10. Appointment of Selectors & Team Managers

Only one change been made since the last AGM, with Hilary Palmer resigned after serving for many years as one of our Junior selectors. She has been replaced by Caroline Louth (WAOC). The Senior Team Manager had indicated that the Senior Selectors were happy to continue in their current roles, and the Chair of the Veteran Selectors had made similar indications by email. Current appointments were confirmed by the meeting.

11. Website

The EOC website continues to run successfully with John Cooke as webmaster. Photographs are routinely added to galleries.

Over the last year the counter shows we have an average of 450 users each month, slightly up from last year. In that time we have had just under 4300 different users, up 300 on last year. As usual there are peaks corresponding with competitions. We have had visitors from 82 countries, up 15 from 67 last year.

Tim Holt has continued to support us over the past year and we recorded our thanks to him for this. The secretary has written to John and Tim to thank them and confirmed that they are willing to continue their help in the future.

12. Team kit

Sales of kit have been very high this year. The new O top and Technical T-shirt have both proved popular. The hoodies are an ongoing success.
Our Kit Officer Helen Gristwood has now handed over to Melanie Elkington (OD) after more than 12 years of looking after the England kit. The meeting recorded its thanks to Helen for her efforts.

The Secretary noted comments from some England team members that, while the new O tops were very attractive, it was a shame that they were only available in men’s fit; the Treasurer concurred. The Secretary took an action to contact the new Kit Officer and the Treasurer regarding the possibility of purchasing some O tops in women’s fit.

Action: Secretary

13. AOB

JHI 2020

It was noted last year that EMOA have declined to host the JHI in 2020 due to the difficulty of finding suitable terrain. There has recently been a tentative offer from a SE club to take this on, but the accommodation costs are on the high side. If this is unacceptable then there is currently no other alternative. Jeff Butt is contacting other TMs to get their view.

The Treasurer suggested approaching the Orienteering Foundation for financial support to subsidise entries from all the Home Nations.
HI hosting rota

The meeting approved nem con a joint proposal from WOA and NIOA to Wales and Ireland should each host one Home Internationals every other year, in alternate years. England and Scotland will each host one Home International every year; this will mean that the frequency at which each English region is asked to host a Home International will increase from once every twelve years to once every nine years

It was noted that further adjustment to the rota may be required in 2022, if Scotland do not wish to host both a Home International and the World Championships in the same year.

Data protection/Parental consent

The Secretary noted that British Orienteering had published ‘best practice’ parental consent and data protection forms that would be suitable for use when taking teams to the Home Internationals and to Interland, and offered to review the paperwork currently used by the team managers against these.

Action: Secretary

14. Next meeting

The 2020 AGM was provisionally set for the Saturday of the JK weekend, 11th April, in the NE, dependent on British Orienteering not choosing the same date for their AGM. Alternative is the Saturday of BOC, 21st March in SE England.