Minutes of the AGM of the English Orienteering Council
held via Webex
on Tuesday 19th May 2020


EOC Officials
Barry Elkington Acting Chair
Lesley Ross Treasurer
Scott Collier Secretary
John Rye Interland Team Manager
Andy Hemsted Chair, Vets Selectors
Voting Association Representatives
Eric Harper SCOA
Simon Greenwood SEOA
Richard Lewis WMOA
Ian Gamlen WMOA
Paul Young EMOA
Peter Woods EAOA
Ian Marshall YHOA
David McCann NWOA
Duncan Archer NEOA
Actions: Responsible:
Association representatives to communicate the 2020 financial contribution levels back to their Associations. Association representatives
The Chair, the Treasurer and Simon Greenwood (SEOA) to explore the possibility of applying to the Orienteering Foundation for a grant to subsidise the cost of the 2020 Ward JHI. Chair, Treasurer and Simon Greenwood (SEOA)
Association representatives assist in identifying suitable candidates for the role of Treasurer. Association representatives
The Interland TM to put together a paper setting out options for the future Home International rota, for the English Associations to consider. Interland TM
The Chair and Secretary to consider options for holding future EOC AGMs as virtual meetings. Chair and Secretary

The meeting commenced at 7:35 pm.

The Acting Chair introduced himself, and welcomed attendees to the meeting.

The Acting Chair noted the recent ill-health experienced by Nev Myers (Junior TM), and wished him a speedy recovery on behalf of EOC.

1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Sarah Brown (VHI TM) and Susan and Keith Marsden (Chairs, Junior Selectors).

Note: Amanda Roberts (EMOA) sent post-meeting apologies, having attempted to attend but been prevented from doing so by technology issues.

2. Adoption of 2019 AGM Minutes

No comments were made, and none had been received in advance of the meeting. The minutes of the 2019 AGM were adopted nem con.

3. Home Internationals


  • Ward JHI (Cassy Water and Donard Forest, Ireland) – results:
  England Ireland Scotland Wales
Individual 76 33 77 29
Relays 48 26 56 12
Total 124 59 133 41


  • SHI (Broughton Burrows and Whiteford Burrows, Wales) – results:
  England Ireland Scotland Wales
Individual 27 9 23 13
Relays 28 10 23 11
Total 55 19 46 24


  • VHI (Binning Wood and Pentland Hills, Scotland) – results:
  England Ireland Scotland Wales
Individual 153 63 136 69
Relays 128 40 90 50
Total 283 103 226 119

SEOA are due to host the 2020 Ward JHI on behalf of EOC at Marchants Hill, near Haslemere, in October. However, the COVID-19 pandemic means that it is currently unclear whether any of the 2020 Home Internationals will go ahead.

4. Interland

Interland 2020 was hosted at Burnham Beeches & Egypt Woods by SEOA on behalf of EOC. England won the Interland cup by a good margin, and regained the Junior trophy from OV.

The meeting noted EOC’s thanks to HH and SEOA for organising, and to DFOK for providing a training event which was much appreciated by the travelling teams.

Grand Total 94 13 82 132 182
Position 3 5 4 2 1
Junior Cup 49 2 45 62 76
Position 3 5 4 2 1

5. Adoption of the 2019 financial accounts

The statement of accounts for 2019 and a forecast for 2020 had been circulated ahead of the meeting. The 2019 accounts had not been reviewed this year. The Acting Chair thanked the Treasurer for her work in preparing these accounts.

All three 2019 His and Interland 2020 came within budget.

The Interland TM noted the difficult of forecasting Interland expenditure, given that the variability in travelling distances means that the previous year’s costs is not a reliable guide to the next year’s.

The adoption of the 2019 accounts was proposed by Simon Greenwood (SEOA), seconded by Ian Gamlen (WMOA), and carried nem con.

6. Appointment of a reviewer for the 2020 financial accounts

Paul Young, the EMOA Treasurer, kindly volunteered to review 2020 accounts ahead of the 2021 AGM, and was appointed nem con.

7. Approval of the Association financial contributions for 2020

The Treasurer recommended a one-off reduction of the Association financial contribution to 50p per head for 2020, in recognition of the lack of revenue-raising events.

Should the three Home Internationals in autumn 2020 be cancelled, the Association financial contribution will be further reduced to zero.

Association contributions will be calculated based on May/June membership figures, as usual, but will not be levied on Associations until it is known whether the HIs will go ahead.

The Treasurer recommended that athlete contributions for the 2020 Home Internationals be maintained at the 2019 levels (£110 for the 2020 Ward JHI, £90 for the 2020 SHI, and £95 for the 2020 VHI) and that the athlete contribution for Interland 2021 should be £120.

The Acting Chair noted that the 50p figure had been set based on the amount of money that would be required to send teams to all three HIs, drawing on reserves to make up the shortfall. The Treasurer confirmed that the EOC has sufficient cash in hand to cope with either scenario.

The proposed contributions were agreed nem con.

The Acting Chair requested that Association representatives communicate the 2020 contribution levels back to their Associations.

Action: Association representatives

Simon Greenwood (SEOA) suggested that EOC consider approaching the Orienteering Foundation to subsidise the unusually high costs of the 2020 Ward JHI, which is being hosted by SEOA. The Interland TM suggested that, while EOC could apply for a grant on behalf of the England team, an application to subsidise the cost on behalf of all teams might be better received. Duncan Archer (NEOA), as a trustee of the Foundation, indicated that the Foundation do not generally fund standard operating costs, although an application this year might be considered to fall within their post-COVID-19 “back to orienteering” fund. The Acting Chair, the Treasurer and Simon Greenwood agreed to follow this up outside the meeting.

Action: Chair, Treasurer and Simon Greenwood (SEOA)

8. Election of Officers

Barry Elkington (WMOA) was proposed as Chair, Scott Collier (SWOA) as Secretary and Lesley Ross (WMOA) as Treasurer. The appointments were proposed by David McCann (NWOA) and seconded by Simon Greenwood (SEOA), and carried nem con.

9. Appointment of Selectors, Team Managers, and other officials

All officials were available to be reappointed to their current roles.

In addition, Melanie Elkington (WMOA) has kindly volunteered to take on the role of Welfare Officer, in addition to her existing role as EOC Kit Officer. She has plenty of relevant experience as the Welfare Officer for BSOA, with responsibility for the England teams going to the World Schools.

Jeff Butt (SWOA) has kindly offered to deputise for Nev Myers as Team Manager for the 2020 Ward JHI, if required.

All appointments were proposed by Ian Marshall (YHOA), seconded by Peter Woods (EAOA), and carried nem con.

The Interland TM noted his thanks to the Kit Officer for the excellent job she had done since taking over the role.

10. AOB

The Interland TM and the Treasurer had arranged a presentation to Philip and Helen Gristwood at the Interland prizegiving to thank them for their many years of service to the EOC. The meeting echoed these sentiments.

David McCann (NWOA) noted that, further to the discussion at previous AGMs, an orienteering club from the Isle of Man were now in the process of affiliating to NWOA and British Orienteering.

The Secretary mentioned that conversations with British Orienteering about the possibility of EOC formally affiliating to British Orienteering were ongoing.

The Chair of Vets Selectors raised the issue of how HI selections might be carried out in the absence of any known form, and invited suggestions from the Associations on how to carry this out. The Interland TM noted that any use of the ranking list would need to apply an appropriate weighting to sprint and urban events. The meeting agreed to leave the policy up to the relevant selection panels.

The Treasurer noted her desire to step down in the next year, and asked for Association representatives to raise this in their regions.

Action: Association representatives

The Chair noted that conversations with the other Home Nations about the Home International rota were ongoing, with a view from Wales and NI that their current level of commitment was unsustainable. A number of alternative rotas were under consideration, including a proposal that the Ward JHI should remain an annual event but the SHI and the VHI be held in alternate years, or that the English Associations should take on repsonsiblity for hosting additional events, in adiditon to the extra events that the English Associations had agreed in principle to host at the 2019 AGM.

The Interland TM noted that the challenge of getting agreement to changes to the HIs, including to the hosting rota, is that with the demise of the Home International Committee some years ago, the governance of HI is weak. Except for England, there is a lack of continuity in team management and the point of contact for HI matters in the other Home Nations is unclear. This means dealing with HI matters is slow. EOC have proposed a better, more robust mechanism, but SOA have indicated that they see no need for change.

Duncan Archer (NWOA) noted that asking English Assocations to organises HIs more frequently would put the HIs in competition with more events, and that the existing rota was very helpful in allowing Associations to plan in advance and take on the events. Duncan queried whether there had been any discussions about combining the HIs. The Interland TM suggested that combining the HIs would increase the administrative burden on the organisers. Ian Marshall (YHOA) suggested that amalgamating the competitions or making them less frequent may be preferable to the England being required to host more events.

The Interland TM took an action to put together a paper setting out options for the English Associations to consider.

Action: Interland TM

11. Next meeting

As discussions with the other Home Nations about the future rota for the Home Internationals are ongoing, the Officers may seek to organise a further EOC General Meeting later in the year if there is a concrete proposal for the Associations to consider.

The Chair and Secretary took an action to consider virtual meetings for future EOC AGMs, given the increased attendance tonight. Simon Greenwood (SEOA) noted that virtual meetings are less effective when there are contentious items of business to discuss.

Action: Chair and Secretary

Simon Greenwood (SEOA) thanked the Chair for taking on the role.

The Chair thanked everybody for attending this year’s AGM, and the meeting closed at 8:29 pm.