Minutes of the English Orienteering Council AGM
held at Woking, Surrey on 21st March 2008


Philip Gristwood Chair
Catherine Galvin Treasurer
Helen Gristwood Kit Officer
Derek Gale EMOA
Simon Greenwood SEOA
Henry Morgan WMOA
Jerry Newcombe SCOA
Steve Round NWOA
Arthur Vince SWOA
Jeff Butt TM Juniors
Andy Hemsted WMOA, Chair, Vets Selectors
John Rye TM, Chair, Seniors Selectors
Penny Hemsted Observer
Christine Vince Observer
Graham Gristwood Observer (Items 6-14 only)
Chris Morris Secretary

Meeting opened at 5:35 pm

1. Apologies: None

2. Acceptance of 2007 Minutes.

• Trevor Bridle (SWOA) had offered his apologies for absence from the meeting but this was not recorded.

• With this amendment the minutes were approved as a true record.

3. Matters Arising:

• None

4. Chairman’s Report

• Delighted to report a 100% successful year for the England teams (the first for several years) and significant development behind the scenes. 

• The new EOC website is now operational, designed and created by Tim Holt, a professional website developer.  After augmenting the content in late autumn, the site was launched at the end of January.  A presentation slide style has been derived from the website.  All this was achieved at very modest cost.

• Responding to an offer from BOF to meet with us and discuss the relationship between BOF and EOC, we met in Jan 08.  This allowed us to explain to Neil Cameron (BOF Chair) and Mike Hamilton (BOF CEO), EOC’s role and how EOC supports English athletes in international competition, to outline our finances and argue the case for continuing support from BOF.  They expressed a general willingness to support us so long as BOF finances allow and have £1800 set aside for EOC for 2008.

5. Treasurer’s Report

• Catherine Galvin explained in detail the budgets and forecasts for the coming year (presentation is available on request).

• Increased per capita regional levy and team member personal contributions for this year were proposed:

Item Amount Comment
Per capita Levy 45p Increase of 5p
JHI £65 No change
SHI £70 Increase of £5
VHI £85 Increase of £20, incl extra £10 for VHI 2008 in NI
Interland 2009 £50 In UK in 2009.
Milage Allowance 25ppm 3+ occupancy rate; up 3p (increased fuel costs)

Team Member Flat Rate Personal Contributions

All figures are in £s

Event 2008 (Adopted) 2009 (Indicative)
Ward Junior Home International 65 70
Senior Home International 70 75
Veteran Home International 85 80
Interland 80 50

English Regional Associations Contributions

N.B. Figures are dependent on £1.8k forthcoming from BOF, otherwise 65p

2008 (Adopted) 2009 (Indicative)
Contribution Per Adult Member 0.45 0.50

Mileage Rates per mile

Number of Team Members Travelling 2008 (Adopted) 2009 (Indicative)
1 0.08 0.08
2 0.14 0.14
3 0.25 0.25

Flight Costs

2008 (Adopted) 2009 (Indicative)
Cap on Individual Expenditure 75 75

• A key issue is the firm expectation of an £1800 annual grant from BOF, from money they in turn receive from Sports England. We believe this grant has been confirmed (though not yet received) for 2008, however BOF have suggested that this grant is less likely to be available in 2009.   The Treasurer explained the need to maintain income overall, implying the need for receipts levied from regions to rise by an additional 20p per capita if the BOF grant was not forthcoming. This is likely to be an agenda point for next year’s AGM. There was general concern expressed by the regional representatives if this increase should be necessary.

• Acceptance of the accounts, agreement to the 2008 per capita levy and the levels of team member personal contributions, and thanks to the Treasurer were proposed by Jerry Newcombe and seconded by Jeff Butt and agreed without dissent.

6. Home Internationals

• JHI (N Ireland)  – results:
England – 125
Scotland – 112
Wales – 68
Ireland – 55

• SHI (S  Wales) – results: 
England 22
Ireland 10
Scotland 18.5
Wales 9.5   
England recovered the trophy after losing to Scotland for the last 3 years.

• VHI (near Pitlochry) – results:
England 240
Scotland 216
Wales 127
Ireland 110  
an improved margin compared with a close result last year.

• Dates of all 2008 HIs have now been fixed in the autumn and can be found on the EOC website.  In 2009 England is due to host the VHI and EMOA are leading (an event has been nominated).  In 2010 England is due to host the SHI and SCOA feature on the roster for leading arrangements.  The SCOA representative acknowledged this.

7. Interland

• Another win making 13 in a row.  The Dutch hosted the 2008 match in March on a military training area at Budel near Eindhoven Netherlands.  A mixture of low duned runnable forest split by open and semi-open sandy areas made for challenging navigation.

• EOC – England 199   
VVO – Vlaander 167    
FRSO – Walonie 131   
NOLB – Nederlands 104    
WTB – Westfalen 83      
This was a slightly narrower winning margin than last year.

• England will be hosting Interland in 2009 and HH have kindly agreed to stage it at their National event at Burnham Beeches and Egypt Woods on 22nd February.   SEOA will be asked to arrange a training event on the Saturday afternoon.  John Rye agreed to coordinate the match, including arrangements for accommodation, meals and prizes.

• The 2007 England victory engraving filled the last place on the Interland Cup: the whole of the base was filled up.  Thanks are due to Mike Murray, one of our Veteran stars, who kindly made an extension to the base on which to affix new plaques.

8. Appointment of Selectors

• No changes for this year

9. Selection policies

• As usual we need selection policies to be published as early as possible to give people the opportunity to plan attendance at suitable events.  These will now be published on our website but we will also ask BOF to publish a news item pointing people to them.

• Junior and Veteran policies for this year are in place but not Senior as yet. Afternote:  Senior selection policy now published

10.  Website

• The website is up and running and all the historic information we can find has been included.  If anyone can provide any further historic information, previous results, etc. we would be pleased to have it to add to the site.

• The Mark 1 version looked good and worked well until we started to add a photo gallery of the Interland pictures.  This has led to a Mark 2 version which allows more space so that the pictures scroll better.  The format of menus has changed a little and the format has been ‘lightened’ in line with current trends.  There will probably be a few more tweaks in the coming weeks and we are currently getting this as part of after sales service.  Any feedback or suggestions for improvement or additions would be welcome.

• We have had a good support service from Tim Holt and we should consider budgeting for further reimbursement. A sum of £75 was suggested by the meeting for maintenance and development and this was unanimously agreed.

11.  Team Kit

• Helen Gristwood reported a fairly challenging year as we have had to deal not only with the introduction of the new style kit (Mar 07), but also significant problems with the supplier.

• However, everyone entitled to wear the new kit now has it, and hopefully we will be able to keep a smaller stock in future.

• The supplier let us down quite badly when an order placed in March was not received until mid September, fortunately just in time for the JHIs. Because of the long delivery time, we have decided to change supplier, and Ultrasport have agreed to supply British made tops in the future, with a delivery time of 2 – 3 weeks. The first batch have been received, and comments would be welcomed. Hopefully with this short delivery time, Team Managers will be able to let the Kit Officer know their exact requirements, so we won’t need to over order.

• There have been suggestions that the England sweatshirt might be replaced by another garment eg microfleece. EOC’s sweatshirt stock is low, so now would be a good time to make the change. The Kit Officer assessed that the cost, with printing, would probably be slightly higher than that of a sweatshirt (£19).
12. Election of Officers

• The Council shall elect a Chairman and one other officer each year.  

• Philip Gristwood was reelected as Chairman unopposed.

• Last year the Treasurer was elected.  Chris Morris has been doing the job of Secretary since early May, suggest he be formally elected. This was proposed by Henry Morgan, seconded by Helen Gristwood, and unanimously agreed.

13. AOB

• Photographs of Juniors.  A lot of photos were taken at Interland and before posting them we took note of BOF guidelines on publication of junior pictures.  We had to seek retrospective permission form all juniors and parents and in future we need to make sure that permission is sought in the parental consent forms accompanying selection letters.  We should not include juniors’ names with the pictures unless consent is expressly given.

• Talent Pathway.  It has been suggested that selection for JHI, SHI and Interland be used as scores on the Talent Pathway scheme in Orienteering’s Whole Sport Plan. Clarity will be sought on this aspect but Regional representatives are encouraged to progress this in their area.

14. Next meeting

• JK in the NE on either Fri 10th or Sat 11th April 2009. The meeting was in favour of the Friday option if locations are suitable.

• Meeting closed at 6:38pm