Pencelli, Brecon, Wales, 7-8 October 2017

England Team Manager’s Report

This year the Ward Junior Home International was hosted at Bronaber, Trawsfynydd, Gwynedd by Mid Wales Orienteering Club.

There were the following changes from the team originally selected.
W18, Lucy Tonge and Hannah Hateley replaced Fiona Bunn and Lucy Haines.

England won the individual trophy by a seven points on Saturday morning and were beaten by Scotland by four points in the relay competition on Sunday. The winning margin was three points at the end of the competition.

The England team along with the other teams were accommodated at Trawsfynydd Holiday Village in a number of log cabins.

Team members from the north of England travelled by minibus and those from the east, midlands and south travelled by car.

Prize Giving & Social
This was held at the Rhiw Goch Inn with a ceilidh on the Saturday evening.

Day 1 Individual

England won three of the age categories, Joe Hudd M14, Alasdair Pedley M18 and Niamh Hunter W18. The area was typical Welsh mountain moorland. The first two athletes from each country count in this part of the competition with points being allocated from 8 to the winner down to 1 for the eighth placed athlete. Full results can be found at for MWOC JHI Individual Day- Gwanas on 08-Oct-2017.html

  Men Women Overall
England 41 39 80
Scotland 34 39 73
Ireland 16 18 34
Wales 17 11 28

Day 2 Relay
Llechwedgain Common

The English M16’s didn’t perform well on the first leg of the relay resulting in Scotland being ahead in the race and ahead overall at this point. However strong runs from the M14’s & M18s averted a crisis and closed the gap sufficiently to win the overall competition. All four of the women’s teams performed well and drew with the Scottish team in the relay completion. The first two team from each country count towards the team results with points decreasing from 16 to 2 in increments of 2. Full results can be found at Relay 2017 – Men.html Relay 2017 – Women.html

Relay Team Results

  Men Women Overall
Scotland 28 26 54
England 24 26 50
Wales 8 14 22
Ireland 10 6 16


  Men Women Overall
England 65 65 130
Scotland 62 65 127
Wales 25 25 50
Ireland 26 24 50

Huge thanks are due to Clive Thomas who co-ordinated the whole weekend and to Mid Wales Orienteering Club for hosting the weekend.
My thanks also to Wendy Carlyle, Nev Myers, Tony Carlyle and Will Heap, the England adults, for the help and support given to the team over the weekend.

Jeff Butt
England JHI Team Manager