The Senior Home International 2014 is to be hosted by Scotland in Deeside (Balmoral and Forvie) on 18-19 October. The final England team is:

Class Name Club
M20 Oliver Williams DEE
M20 Aidan Smith SYO
M20 Adam Potter BOK
M21 Dave Schorah DEE
M21 Ralph Street SLOW
M21 Duncan Archer CLOK
M21 Graham Gristwood FVO
M21 Peter Bray CLOK
M21 Nick Barrable SYO
W20 Tamsin Moran SOC
W20 Zoe Harding SROC
W20 Lucy Butt SARUM
W21 Charlotte Watson WCOC
W21 Catherine Taylor CLOK
W21 Helen Gardner SLOW
W21 Sarah Rollins BAOC
W21 Ruth Holmes SN
W21 Tessa Hill HOC