The Yorkshire Dales, 19-20 September 2015

England Team Manager’s Report

The 2015 Senior Home International was hosted by England as part of the AIRE Dales Weekend. The Individual race was held in conjunction with the Northern Championships on an area new to orienteering north of Malham Tarn, named Monk’s Road. The Relays were held on the adjacent area called Hawkswick Clowder. The Dales Weekend was organised and coordinated by Chris Burden of Airienteers with the SHI coordination done by Ian Marshall. The combination led to two excellent competitions with ideal accommodation for all four Home Nations at Malham Youth Hostel.

Scotland won all four classes in the Individual races with England in second place in all classes. This gave Scotland a maximum score of 30 points and an 8 point lead over England overnight. Wales and Ireland shared 3rd and 4th places across the four classes, leaving them tied on 10 points at the end of the first day. The following day the Scots finished first and fourth in the Men’s relay and first and second in the Women’s relay. This gave them a 28 point to 24 point victory in the relay and a comfortable win overall by 12 points. Wales didn’t manage to field a full complement of relay teams handing Ireland third place in the relay and third overall.

All four teams were accommodated at Malham Youth Hostel. The accommodation was fully catered from Friday evening through to Sunday morning with packed lunches provided each day.

Team members were all able to travel by car from various parts of the UK. Thanks are due to those who were able to offer lifts to those without their own transport.

Day 1 Individual
Monk’s Road

The organisers had lost a large chunk of the competition area two weeks before the event because of an issue with a tenant farmer. This meant the area wasn’t as technically interesting as it could have been, but the weather helped make up for this with glorious views across the Dales, particularly from the start. The courses had been re-planned to use the remaining part of the area and, as a result, the M21 course was a little on the short side. The W21 course was of full length, but unusually this course was shared with the M20s, leading to a slightly short winning time in M20. The W20 course also seemed a little on the short side, but probably better that than too long, particularly if the weather had been adverse.

Unfortunately for England, Scotland performed well across all four classes, coming out on top in M20, W20, M21 and W21. Our only course winner was Graham Gristwood in M21. The rout was complete in W21 with Scotland taking the first four places. Our top counter was Heather Monro (now W40) who finished 5th, despite a heavy fall and bash to her leg. Aidan Smith and Julie Emmerson were 2nd in M20 and W20 respectively. Scotland won the Dolgellau Bowl for the leading team after the first day’s competition.

Individual Team Results

  Men Women Overall
Scotland 15 15 30
England 11 11 22
Ireland 5 5 10
Wales 5 5 10

Day 2 Relay
Hawkswick Clowder

This area is adjacent to the Individual competition area and is very similar open limestone terrain with a multitude of dry stone walls. The weather was again favourable which was fortunate given the changeover area was in an exposed location high on the hillside.

The English relay teams all made good starts with Jamie Parkinson handing over in first place at the end of leg 1 in the Men and Alice Leake handing over in first place at the end of leg 1 in the Women. This was particularly pleasing given both these two were making their debut at SHI. Unfortunately as the relay progressed, the Scottish strength came to the fore and they finished first in both relays. The English men did manage 2nd and 3rd (after storming runs on last leg by Graham Gristwood and Jonny Crickmore) , thereby sharing the points in the Men’s relay. In the Women, Scotland were first and second with England in third and fourth. This gave Scotland victory in the relays and a clear overall win.

Relay Team Results

  Men Women Overall
Scotland 13 15 28
England 13 11 24
Ireland 7 5 12
Wales 3 4 7


  Men Women Overall
Scotland 28 30 58
England 24 22 46
Ireland 12 10 22
Wales 8 9 17

Huge thanks are due to Chris Burden who co-ordinated the whole weekend and to AIRE for hosting the weekend. Also to SHI coordinator Ian Marshall who was very helpful in managing the accommodation requirements and adept at keeping on top of the rules of the SHI.

My thanks also to the England team members for advice and generally helping to make my job easy over the whole weekend.

Charlie Adams
England SHI Team Manager