Following the pre-selections previously announced in April the selectors are pleased to announce that the full selections have been made for the England Senior Home International Team.

W21 Kim Baxter (SYO)
  Lucy Butt (SARUM)
  Julie Emmerson (OD)
  Tessa Strain (EUOC)
  Cat Taylor (SYO)
  Charlotte Watson (WCOC)
M21 Peter Bray (MDOC)
  Jonny Crickmore (EUOC)
  Will Gardner (OD)
  Graham Gristwood (FVO)
  Peter Hodkinson (NOC)
  Chris Smithard (FVO)
W20 Pippa Dakin (SYO)
  Chloe Potter (BOK)
  Alice Rigby (CLOK)
M20 Matt Fellbaum (EUOC)
  Alistair Masson (EUOC)
  Nathan Lawson (OD)

The 2017 Senior Home International match will be held in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland on 9th and 10th September.

Selectors: Martin Ward (SYO, Chairman), Sarah Rollins (SN), John Duckworth (DVO)