With the resumption of orienteering events following Covid-19 restrictions being lifted, it is hoped that the Senior Home International 2021 will go ahead. It is to be hosted by Scotland (GRAMP and MAROC) on 4-5 September. The England team will comprise 9 x men (6 open, 3 x M20) and 9 women (6 open, 3 x W20).

In the absence of any large races in the first half of 2021 on which to base selections, the selectors will use “all known form” as the primary basis for Selections. However, the planned races in the Lake District (British Middle Distance Championships and the Northern Championships) on 5-6 June will play a key part of this, and athletes hoping for England selection are strongly encouraged to race at those events if possible.

Some early selections may be made immediately after the Lake District races. Full selections will be made and promulgated by mid July.

Selectors: Martin Ward (SYO, Chairman), Sarah Rollins (SN), John Duckworth (DVO)