In 2022 the England team for the Veteran Home Internationals will be selected using the results of the following races:

  • Sun 30th Jan: Midland Champs, Sherwood Forest, EMOA
  • Sun 6th March: British Middle Champs, Rushmere, EAOA
  • Sat 26th March: British Champs, Golden Valley and Cognor Wood, SEOA
  • Sun 3rd April: Northern Champs (provisional), Simonside, NEOA
  • Sat 16th April: JK Middle, Clydach Terrace, WOA
  • Sun 17th April: JK Long, Pwll Du, WOA.

If any of the remaining events are cancelled or postponed, selections will be made on the basis of the events that take place/ have taken place.

Orienteers need to compete in at least two of these races to be considered. Greater weight will be given to the results of the British Middle Champs, the British Champs, and the JK races.

The selectors will endeavour to take into consideration the results of competitors running-up out-of-class, on a mins/k basis.

On occasions a competitor may be recovering from injury or illness, and know beforehand that he/she may not perform well in a selection race. In such circumstance, the competitor should let a selector know in advance together with their wishes regarding the inclusion of their result for selection purposes.

In general a ‘retired’ or ‘disqualified’ will be taken to be the equivalent of a very poor run: those wishing to be selected should take every precaution to avoid mispunching in a selection race.

Selectors: Jackie Hallett (BOK), Andy Hemsted (HOC, Chair), Tim Tett (SYO)