The England Vets Selectors will be using results of some Spring and Summer events when they come to make selections for Interland 2014, and so have decided to publish this bulletin.

We are coordinating with the Junior Selectors, and will choose three extra autumn selection events. A complete Selection Policy will be published once this information is available.

We will look at results at these events:

The British Champs; Saturday May 4th

Scottish 6-Days Day 3, Culbin; Tuesday July 30th

Scottish 6-Days Day 4, Loch of Boath; Thursday 1st August

At first we will be considering only those who have good results in at least two of the six events. In certain classes, if there are not enough such competitors, then we reserve the right to select orienteers who have had good results over a longer period.

Selectors: Jackie Hallett (BOK), Andy Hemsted (HOC, Chair), Tim Tett (SYO)