Classes M/W40–M/W65 will be selected considering the results of these events:

BOC2013 (as announced in Bulletin 1)

Scottish 6-Days Day 3, Culbin; Tuesday July 30th

Scottish 6-Days Day 4, Loch of Boath; Thursday 1st August

October Odyssey Day 2, NATO, Sunday 13th October

Macclesfield Forest, MDOC, Saturday 26th October

Frith Hill & Windmill Hill, SN, Sunday 10th November

Those wishing to be considered should compete in at least two of these events. At first we will be considering only those who have good results in at least two of the selection events. In certain classes, if there are not enough such competitors, we reserve the right to then select orienteers who have had good results over a longer period.

Performances by England team members at VHI 2013 will also be taken into consideration.

Orienteers who change age-class in 2014 may be chosen for their new age-class if the selectors are aware of the change, and if their results in their 2013 age-class are strong enough, unless they have informed the selectors that they only wish to be considered for their 2013 age class.

On occasions a competitor may be recovering from injury or illness, and know beforehand that he/she will not have a good result in a selection race. In such circumstance, the competitor should let a selector know in advance, and then his/her result in that race will not be considered.

In general a ‘retired’ or ‘disqualified’ will be taken to be the equivalent of a very poor run: those wishing to be selected should take every precaution to avoid mispunching in a selection race.

In the selection races, competitors are requested to run the course recommended for their age-class. Vets who elect to run a longer course will have their results considered on a mins/k basis.

If there is no guidance in entry details, then please enter as follows:

England Vets Selectors: Jackie Hallett (BOK), Tim Tett (SYO), Andy Hemsted (HOC, Chair).

Brown M40
Short Brown M45, M50
Blue M55, M60, W40
Short Blue M65, W45, W50
Green W55, W60
Short Green W65