England Vets Selection Policy for Interland 2009

Classes M/W40 –M/W65 will be selected considering the results of the regional events:

AIRE: Ilkley, 14th September
SOC: November Classic, 2nd November
HOC: Postensplain, 7th December

plus JK2008 and BOC2008.

The Vets Selectors will not be selecting a M/W35 for Interland 2009.

Those wishing to be considered should compete in at least one of the three autumn selection events. Very good results in two or three of these events will lead to selection; competitors who do not have such results will be judged on the basis of JK2008 and BOC2008 as well as their autumn results.

Orienteers who change age-class in 2009 may be chosen for their new age-class if the selectors are aware of the change, and if their results in their 2008 age-group are strong enough.

A third selector will have joined our team before the Interland selecting takes place. His/her name will be announced on the EOC website.

England Vets Selectors: Jackie Hallett (BOK), Andy Hemsted (HOC, Chair).