The 2015 Interland Cup international against Belgium, the Netherlands, NW Germany and NE France is this year hosted by England and is to be held in the Surrey Hills on 8 February, integrated with the Southern Championships. The senior contingent of the England team will comprise 3 x M21s, 3 x W21s, 2 x M20s and 2 x W20s. Team members will be selected using the results of the British Long Championships and 4 races in the autumn (listed below). In the Level B event, M20s should run Black and W20s should run Short Brown (the designated course for W21s). Comparison between classes/courses will, where necessary, be made on a mpk basis. Other known form (till 10 November 2014) will also be considered. Potential team members are advised to draw the selectors’ attention to results in other races they feel would contribute to the selection process.

Date Event Location
6 Sep British Middle Championships Rugeley
18 Oct Race the Castles (SHI) Balmoral (20/21 SHI courses)
26 Oct Midlands Championships Longshaw
2 Nov SOC November Classic New Forest (M: Black; W: Short Brown)

Selections will be made and announced by 1 Dec 2014 on the OrienteeringEngland website.

Selectors: Lesley Ross (OD), Martin Ward (SYO/SPOOK), John Rye (RMOC, Chairman)