Selection for the 2017 Interland Cup international with Belgium, the Netherlands and NE France to be held in Belgium on 2nd April 2017 will be based on the following events;

Saturday 3rd September Ainsdale NWOA DEE)  
Saturday 1st October Agglestone Heath SWOA (WSX)  
Sunday 13th November Torver High Common NWOA (SROC)  
Sunday 11th December Long Valley North SEOA (SN) (Subject to final access permission)

It is anticipated that juniors wishing to be considered for selection will successfully complete 3 of the 4 races listed.

In keeping with the objectives of the England Selectors to use this competition to provide experience, the Junior Selectors will not consider members of the Great Britain 2016-17 World Class Squad or of the Great Britain 2016-17 Talent Squad (as listed on the British Orienteering web site in the autumn of 2016)

The Junior selectors have been asked to select 3 M/W14, 3 M/W16 and 1 M/W18.

The selectors will not include juniors in ‘bottom year’ M/W14 i.e born in 2004.

Juniors who wish to be considered for selection should run the course corresponding to their age class in 2017.

For these events, juniors will be expected to run the following ‘colour coded’ courses;

M14/W14 Light Green
W16 Green
M16 Blue
W18 Short Blue
M18 Short Brown

England Junior Selectors;
Keith Marsden (SEOA) Hilary Palmer (EMOA) Tim Tett (YHOA)