Selection for the 2019 Interland Cup international with Belgium, the Netherlands and NE France to be held in France on 10th March 2019 will be based on the following events.

  • 2 September – British Middle distance (UKOL)
  • 6 October – Formby (UKOL)
  • 28 October – Roseisle (SOL)
  • 25 November – Hindhead (UKOL, Southern Champs)
  • 2 December – Ramsley

The senior contingent of the England team will comprise 3 x M21s, 3 x W21s, 2 x M20s and 2 x W20s.

All known form will be considered. Results from high quality races other than those listed, including international competitions, will be considered. Athletes are advised to contact the Selectors to highlight results from other races that they wish to be considered.

If M20 or W20 competitors run in the Open class in an event then their results will be taken into account on an adjusted (for climb) mpk basis. M35/40 or W35/40 competitors are encouraged to run Open/21E if they seek selection, nevertheless their results in class will be taken into account on the same (adjusted) basis.

Selections will be made and promulgated by 23rd December.

Selectors: Martin Ward (SYO, Chairman), Sarah Rollins (SN), John Duckworth (DVO)