In each ten-year band at least one runner is selected for the older of the two five-year agegroups. In some cases an orienteer has been chosen to ‘run up’ an agegroup if their results are good enough.


Charlie Adams SYO 45

Clive Hallett   BOK 45

Quentin Harding SROC 50


Steve Watkins   AIRE 40

Martin Ward   SYO 40

Andy Monro   HOC 40

Neil Conway   AIRE 40


Tim Tett   SYO 50

Martin Bagness   WAROC 50

Colin Dickson   BAOC 55

Peter Haines AIRE 55

Jonathan Emberton EPOC 50

Keith Masson MV 50

John Britton MDOC 60

Alistair Wood AIRE 60


Andy Hemsted HOC 60

Steve Whitehead EBOR 60

Jim Prowting TVOC 65


John Britton MDOC 60

Alistair Wood AIRE 60

Peter Gorvett SYO 65

Bob Dredge WCH 60

Mike Hampton OD 65


Lucy Weigand SYO 40

Ruth Ker AIRE 40

Lesley Ross OD 45


Caroline Moran SOC 45

Julia Jarvis SO     40

Anja Stratford SLOW   40

Jackie Hallett   BOK 55


Jill Libby CLOK 55

Vicky Thornton   MDOC 50

Jane Morgan   SOC 50


Jackie Hallett   BOK 55

Alison Simmons   BOK 55

Alison Harding   HH 50

Ann Cranke   CLOK 55


Inara Gipsle   TVOC 60

Liz Godfree   DVO 60

Sheila Carey   OD 65

Res:Carol McNeill   LOC 65

Hilary Palmer   NOC 65

Judith Holt   DVO 60

Pauline Ward   DVO 65

Selectors: Jackie Hallett (BOK), Andy Hemsted (HOC, Chair), Tim Tett (SYO)