First three selections in each ten-year age-class in alphabetical order, reserves in order of strength. The selections always include at least one orienteer who is in the older five-year age-class, plus reserves in that category.

Oli Johnson SYO 45
Richard Robinson NOC 40
David Roome SROC 40
Ben Chesters DEVON 45
Julian Simpson CLOK 45
Andy Preston SYO 45
Peter Tryner SYO 50
Nicholas Cooper SN 45
Jeff Powell-Davies BL 40
Nick Barrable SYO 50
David Peel SYO 55
Andy Simpson LEI 50
Peter Tryner SYO 50
Charlie Adams SYO 60
Nigel Bunn TVOC 60
Martin Ward SYO 55
Jamie Rennie WCOC 50
Steve Birkinshaw WCOC 55
Clive Hallett BOK 60
Quentin Harding CLARO 60
Keith Tonkin BL 65
Charlie Adams SYO 60
Nigel Bunn TVOC 60
Steve Keyes SN 60
Dan Parker BL 60
(There are other M60s who are also faster than the following M65s)
John Embrey DEE 65
Gavin Clegg WSX 65
Alan Rosen HH 65
Kim Baxter SYO 45
Sarah Rollins SN 45
Heather Roome SROC 40
Rachael Rothman SYO 40
Laura Goy SYO 40
Lucie Todhunter SROC 40
Liz Drewe CLARO 40
Anne Straube OD 45
Jo Buckley SYO 45
Emma Harrison EPOC 50
Alison Howe SAX 50
Lucy Wiegand SYO 55
Sara Campbell DEE 55
Ruth Ker CLARO 55
Woo Allen SN 55
Amanda Crawshaw SYO 50
Melanie Slade SN 55
Natasha Conway AIRE 50
Jackie Hallett BOK 65
Jane Morgan LOC 60
Vicky Thornton FVO 60
Heather Fellbaum FVO 60
Christine Goulding BL 60
Joyce Marshall AIRE 60
Alison Simmons BOK 65
Stella Lewsley BL 65
Janet Rosen HH 65

Vets Selectors Jackie Hallett BOK, Andy Hemsted HOC (Chair), Tim Tett SYO
Dec 2023