The following selections have been made to represent England in the Interland Cup 2009 on 22 February at Burnham Beeches, Hertfordshire, England:

W14 Katherine Bett SN
W14 Katrina Hemingway WCOC
W14 Harriet Lawson DVO
W16 Alice  Fellbaum MDOC
W16 Katrin Harding SROC
W16 Zoe Harding SROC
W18 Laura Parkes HH
W20 Anne Edwards TVOC
W20 Victoria Stevens AIRE
W21 Jenny Johnson SYO
W21 Sarah Rollins BAOC
W21 Pippa Whitehouse CLOK
W40 Jane  Morgan SOC
W40 Lesley Ross OD
W40 Vicky  Thornton MDOC
W50 Ann Cranke CLOK
W50 Jackie Hallett BOK
W50 Beryl Offley LOC
W60 Sheila  Carey OD
W60 Liz Godfree DVO
W60 Jill Gorvett SYO
M14 Zachary Field EBOR
M14 Chris Nash SROC
M14 Aidan Smith SYO
M16 Jack Benham SARUM
M16 Jonathan Crickmore SO
M16 Chris Young HH
M18 Alex Roberts HOC
M20 Ralph Strret SLOW
M20 Peter Hodkinson NOC
M21 Matt Crane WCH
M21 Graham Gristwood OD
M21 Oli Johnson SYO
M40 Clive Hallett BOK
M40 Quentin  Harding SROC
M40 Tim  Tett SYO
M50 Paul Addison DVO
M50 Kevin  Lomas NOC
M50 Mike  Napier NOC
M60 Peter Gorvett SYO
M60 Mike  Murray SLOW
M60 Jim  Prowting TVOC

England competes in this pentangular, its only match outside the British Isles, against two Belgian teams (Flemish and French speaking), the Netherlands and the Nordrhein-Westfalische (NW Germany) team.  The team spans all age groups from W and M14 to W and M60+: 42 team members in all.  This year it is England’s turn to stage the competition and Happy Herts Orienteering Club have kindly agreed to host it, in conjunction with the Southern Championships, on behalf of the English Orienteering Council.