The England Team for the Interland Cup 2018 on 11 March at Herperduin, near Oss, in the Netherlands is:

Class Name Club
M14 Euan Tryner SYO
M14 Ben Squire NOC
M14 Sam Crawshaw SYO
M16 Alex Mitchell HOC
M16 Jack Forrest DEVON
M16 Finlay Johnson SROC
M18 Ben Breeze WCOC
M20 Harrison McCartney OD
M20 Matthew Fellbaum EUOC
M21 Ralph Street SLOW
M21 Graham Gristwood FVO
M21 Jonathan Crickmore EUOC
M40 Oli Johnson SYO
M40 Nick Barrable SYO
M45 Andy Simpson LEI
M50 Charlie Adams SYO
M55 Clive Hallett BOK
M55 Quentin Harding SROC
M60 Rob Parkinson DEVON
M60 James Crawford GO
M65 Steve Whitehead EBOR
W14 Emma van Dam HALO
W14 Rebecca O’Donovan LOC
W14 Maya Hampshire-Wright NN
W16 Lily Regan WCOC
W16 Jess Breeze WCOC
W16 Jess Ensoll LOC
W18 Hannah Hateley DEE
W20 Laura King AIRE
W20 Fiona Bunn TVOC
W21 Cat Taylor SYO
W21 Tessa Strain EUOC
W21 Alice Leake SN
W40 Pippa Archer CLOK
W40 Sarah Rollins SN
W45 Heather Monro BOF
W45 Lucy Wiegand SYO
W50 Lesley Ross OD
W55 Vicky Thornton MDOC
W60 Stella Lewsley BL
W60 Jackie Hallett BOK
W65 Christine Kiddier GO

Reserves (first in each class):

Class Name Club
M14 Max Mobus SYO
M16 Harry Stagg BOK
M18 Ryan Elliot SYO
M20 Samuel Fielding HH
M21 Jamie Parkinson DEVON
M40 Duncan Archer CLOK
M50 Martin Ward SYO
M60 Peter Haines AIRE
W14 Bryony Stagg BOK
W16 Rosie Spencer WOC
W18 Ellie Bales POTOC
W20 Chloe Potter BOK
W21 Cecilie Andersen BOK
W40 Abi Weeds SLOW
W50 Susan Skinner WCOC
W60 Janet Rosen HH
M45 Laurence Townley SN
M55 Graham Patten LOC
M65 Brian Johnson WIM
W45 Lucy Wiegand SYO
W55 Alison Harding HH
W65 Miriam Rosen SROC


  1. Teams of 42: 3 members in each of these 14 classes: M14, M16, M20, M Open, M40, M50, M60, W14, W16, W20, W Open, W40, W50 and W60.
  2. It is selection policy to include one ‘higher age group’ in the veteran classes (eg at least one W55 in the W50 Interland class) and one ‘18’ in the ‘20’ classes.

Team Manager: John Rye
Selectors: EOC Junior, Senior and Veteran Selection Committees