The Junior team which would have taken part in Interland 2022 is shown below:

Class First name Surname Club
T M18 Euan Tryner SYO
R M18 Adam Methven BKO
T M16 Jake O’Donnell DVO
T M16 Conrad Reuber SYO
T M16 Tommy Rollins SN
R M16 Oliver Prince SOS
T M14 Toby Heppell WCOC
T M14 Robbie Lightfoot SYO
T M14 Oscar Peel SYO
R M14 Aidan Hilton SN
T W18 Imogen Pieters SYO
R W18 Maya Hampshire-Wright NN
T W16 Lyra Medlock WSX
T W16 Daisy Rennie WCOC
T W16 Freya Tryner SYO
R W16 Jocie Hilton SN
T W14 Sophie Crawford WCOC
T W14 Charlotte Slade SN
T W14 Anna Todd SYO
R W14 Alice Soulsby HH