The England Team for the Interland Cup 2012 on 22 April at Habay-la-Neuve, southern Belgium is:

Interland Class Name Club
M14 Euan Tebbutt LEI
M14 Harrison McCartney OD
M14 Matt Fellbaum MDOC
M17 Joe Woodley AIRE
M17 William Rigg LOC
M17 Michael Adams SYO
M20 Adam Potter BOK
M20 Jonny Malley EBOR
M20 Duncan Birtwistle BOK
M21 Ralph Street SLOW
M21 Richard Robinson NOC
M21 Oli Johnson SYO
M40 Quentin Harding SROC
M40 Clive Hallett BOK
M40 Charlie Adams SYO
M50 Tim Tett SYO
M50 Colin Dickson BAOC
M50 Martin Bagness WAROC
M60 Steve Whitehead EBOR
M60 Jim Prowting TVOC
M60 Andy Hemsted HOC
W14 Chloe Potter BOK
W14 Anne Ockenden SROC
W14 Louise Adams SYO
W17 Becky Young HH
W17 Julie Emmerson OD
W17 Rachel Emmerson OD
W20 Charlotte Watson WCOC
W20 Zoe Harding SROC
W20 Florence Haines AIRE
W21 Rachel Rothman SYO
W21 Sarah Rollins BAOC
W21 Tessa Hill HOC
W40 Lucy Weigand SYO
W40 Lesley Ross OD
W40 Ruth Ker AIRE
W50 Vicky Thornton MDOC
W50 Jane Morgan SOC
W50 Jill Libby CLOK
W60 Liz Godfree DVO
W60 Inara Gipsle TVOC
W60 Sheila Carey OD


1. In Interland the racing classes are: 14, 17, 20, Open, 40+, 50+ and 60+. It is EOC selection policy to select at least one person from each of the older classes which may contribute to the Interland class (except Open, which is ‘open’; and for the 17 class, 16s will be selected). More detail is laid out in the published selection policies.

2. A travelling reserve has been selected for each junior class.

Team Manager: John Rye

Selectors: EOC Junior, Senior and Veteran Selection Committees