Held on Saturday 15th April 2006, J.K.Event Centre Boston Spa.

Those present:

Name Representing
Jon Wheatcroft Chair
Glynis Wheatcroft
Andy Hemsted W.M.O.A.
Ann Smith Y.H.O.A., Minutes secretary
John Rye Senior selector&T.M.
Trevor Bridle S.W.O.A.
Catherine Galvin Treasurer. E.O.C.
Derek Gale E.M.O.A.
Simon Greenwood S.E.O.A.

1 Apologies: Roger Smith, Sarah Brown, Keith & Sue Marsden, E.A.O.A.

2 The minutes of the 2005 meeting had been circulated previously.

3 Matters arising: If a Badge Event is to be used for selection the organisers must be informed so that they can cater for additional entries.

4 Chair’s Report

E.O.C. unlike the Scottish, Welsh and Irish Associations, is not a governing body therefore cannot apply for money. B.O.F. has for the last few years past on £2000 annually from the Sport England Grant. This might not be available in 2006 if E.O.C. “does not support volunteers in the way the other Governing bodies do”. However if the hosting of the Home Internationals in England can be allocated by the Fixtures Committee to the Regions in a timely manner this will help to secure the financial allocation for 2006.

The Chair asked if it was appropriate to suggest to the Chairs of Regions that they nominate an E.O.C. member who will cascade to the Fixtures Secretary to take a particular interest in seeing that the events are allocated. John Rye suggested an individual request to Chair and Fixtures secretary of each Region.

5 Treasurer’s Report.

A. The accounts were formally adopted. Proposed by Glynis Wheatcroft, Seconded Trevor Bridle. Budget for 2006 circulated. Flight expenses to be capped at £75. Mileage rate to be increased in proportion to the number of passengers. Catherine to investigate how the other home nations finance the internationals – in terms of funding England may be being effectively discriminated against vis a vis the other home nations.

B. In 2006 we can survive without the Allocation money; the crunch would come in 2007. The Interland competition has already been held and cost £500 les than was budgeted for it. John Rye suggested that the E.O.C. said to the Regions that “with B.O.F. support your contribution will be x, without it, it will be y”. Derek Gale suggested that the per capita donation from Regions was increased. The discussion then moved to the subject of ordering new O kit as the result of this would have a bearing on the per capita levy.

6 John Rye informed us that the lady who has been making E.O.C. kit individually is due to retire .J.R .would like to go ahead to identify, produce and order enough new O tops for all the Teams. The tops will cost approx £30 each. It was decided that E.O.C. would subsidise the set up costs and the overprinting for 80 new O Tops. The previous discussion re Regional levy was then revisited and it was decided that if the money from B.O.F. was received by mid May the Regional levy would remain at 0.4p, if not it would rise to 0.5p. Sweat Shirts- more mediums are needed as exl are no longer fashionable. John Rye will order the minimum possible.

7 Senior Home International

John Rye reported that it had been very well run by the Irish, however because of the World Cup Race he had had great problems getting together a strong team and we had been beaten by the Scots.


The team for this competition had been good. Although it will run in 2007 this competition’s days may be numbered.

8 Appointment of Selectors. Martin Ward replaces Hilary Bloor as Senior Selector.

9 Notification of Selection Procedures. No change.

10 Election of Officers. E.A.O.A. will not find a Chair for E.O.C. Catherine will remain as Treasurer. It was suggested that Philip Gristwood be invited by Catherine to take the Chair. Jon was thanked for his hard work while in office as Chair. The next A.G.M. will be held at 4pm on Saturday April 8th in The Forest of Dean.