Minutes of the English Orienteering Council 2007 AGM

The meeting was held on Saturday 7th April at 4pm at Speech House, Forest of Dean.

Philip Gristwood Chairman
Catherine Galvin Treasurer
Ann Smith Minutes Secretary
Roger Smith YHOA, ex Jun TM
Jeff Butt Jun TM
John Rye Senior TM & Selector Chair
Andy Hemsted Vet Selector Chair
Paul Lowe EAOA
Derek Gale EMOA
Simon Greenwood SEOA
Henry Morgan WMOA
Steve Round NWOA
Judith Holt

1 Apologies: were received from: Keith Marsden (Jun Selector), Helen Gristwood (Kit Officer), Allan Farrington (SCOA), Peter Knott (NWOA).

2 Minutes of 2006 AGM:
John Rye suggested that the minute regarding Interland be revised to read:
Interland The team for this competition had been good. In 2007 it will be run in either in South Belgium or in Holland.

With this amendment the minutes were approved as an accurate record.

3 Matters arising: Appointment of Chairman The new Chairman designate Philip Gristwood was proposed by Simon Greenwood and seconded by Roger Smith. He then took the chair and welcomed members.

4 Chairman’s Report:
Money: The Chairman has met with representatives from BOF. They wish to support E.O.C. and in principle £1,800 has been set aside for 2007 and they will try to do the same in 2008. In 2009 however all may change.

The competition dates for 2007 have all been fixed (see BOF Advance Major Events list at “http://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/fixtures/fixmajor.htm”(link no longer available) For future years see rota at “http://britishorienteering.org.uk/asp/makepage.asp?PID=HOMEINT”(link no longer available)
In 2006 all Regions with the exception of East Anglia were represented in the Teams.

5 Treasurer’s Report:
EOC 2006 financial statements
The treasurer presented the 2006 financial statements, referring to the £5k cash resources at the EOC’s disposal at 31 Dec 06. The healthy cash balance reflected a combination of the cost of competing in Interland, VHI and the SHI turning out less than budgeted (see statements for detailed reasons) and BOF providing £2k of funds (which was not assured when the 2007 budget was set). Simon Greenwood proposed that the statements be adopted; seconded by Henry Morgan and agreed.

John Rye wished to record a massive vote of thanks to the Treasurer for all her hard work. He observed that in future that the EOC would be holding significantly more of its funds in clothing stocks due to increased manufacture time.

2007 budget:
The treasurer explained she had prepared an initial budget based on the most recent comparative event, to which the respective team managers had had input. The budget also assumed that at the end of the year £1k worth of clothing purchased during the year would not be sold until 2008.

The EOC was financed by a combination of contributions from the regional associations, from BOF (in recent years £2k) and from team members personal contributions.

Interland 2007 (after the accounting year end) has cost ~ £500 less than anticipated. Roger Smith requested that air travel be authorised as the default method of travel for Juniors competing in JHIs in Ireland. This would increase the costs for the 2007 JHI by ~£1k above that reflected in the proposed budget figures for the year. This revision was accepted, subject to existing limits on air flight subsidy (£75).

Jeff Butt requested that Junior Selection Races be announced A.S.A.P. and the selections made as early as possible so that cheaper flights may be obtained.

Financial figures adopted
As proposed by Derek Gale and seconded by P. Lowe, the following amounts were adopted. For planning purposes only, indicative figures for 2008 are also given in italics.

The regional contribution per head, it was observed, was at a similar level to the mid 1990’s (and significantly less than the 70p per head levied in 2004).

6 Home Internationals:

Results of events during the last year:

JHI 23/24 Sept 06 Stirling 125 England 112 Scotland
SHI 2/3 Dec 06 Sheffield 58 Scotland 50 England
VHI 11/12 Nov 06 Merthr Tydfil 178 England 174 Scotland

Details of events for 2007:

JHI 29/30 Sept NIOA, Newcastle, Co. Down LVO O3/R3
SHI 20/21 Oct WOA
VHI 17/18 Nov SOA, near Pitlochry STAG C2

In 2008 the JHI will be in England by MEROC in Merseyside area, SHI dates proposed in SOA. VHI in NI. For the following years there is a rota available up to 2020 showing Englands rounds and proposed regions.

7 Interland:

Results: (List of team members appended)
17/18 March 07 Belgium Eng 197 VVO 153 FRSO 152 NOLB 66 WTB 57

For 2008 the provisional details are: 1/2 March in SE Netherlands near Eindhoven.

8 Appointment of Selectors:
Lesley Ross has replaced Charlotte Sommers-Cocks as a Senior Selector

Team Managers:
Roger Smith has handed over the J.H.I. Team Manager role to Jeff Butt. The meeting thanked Roger Smith for his long-standing contribution to the Junior team, particularly as manager for the last 4 years.

9 Selection Procedures:
The Chairman requested all selectors promptly to publish their selection policies on the BOF website (Events/HI/England page)

10 Website:
The website via BOF is difficult to find, and it is difficult to get information put onto it. The Chairman felt that we needed our own site. He estimated a cost of £100 to set it up and £50 per year to maintain. Expenditure of £150 was agreed; proposed by Ann Smith and seconded by Paul Lowe

[After the meeting Judith Holt said she may know someone who may be able to do the work. This and another lead have subsequently been followed up and details are currently being finalised.]

11 Team Kit:
Helen Gristwood has agreed to manage all the kit. There is the opportunity for sponsorship on the O tops. Ideas please.

12 Election of Officers:
Treasurer Catherine Galvin. Proposed Philip Gristwood, seconded Roger Smith
Secretary-Ann Smith stood down as Minutes secretary, many thanks to her for all her efforts and producing the first draft of these minutes. Philip Gristwood is working on finding a relacement [post meeting note, Chris Morris (OD) has agreed to take on the job of Secretary].

13 AOB:

14 Date of next meeting: 22nd March 2008 provisionally 4pm (in the South East of England)

Meeting closed at 16.59