Interland 2025 – Bulletin 0

The 2025 Interland Cup will take place on 2 March in the north of The Netherlands on the provincial border between Drenthe and Friesland, south west of Assen.

The hosts are the Nederlandse Oriënteringsloop Bond (NOLB) and their invitation/Bulletin 0 is available from the following link:
Interland 2025 – Bulletin 0

Images of terrain we might expect are in the ‘Exploring the Netherlands’ page linked below:

Interland 2024 – Bulletin 3

FRSO, the hosts of Interland 2024 on 24 March at Habay-la-Neuve in southern Belgium, have issued Bulletin 3 which includes forest images, a previous map, course details, a special symbol (with photo), and a safety notice regarding road crossing. It can be found at the following link:

Interland 2024 – Bulletin 3

Interland 2024 – Bulletin 2

FRSO, the hosts of Interland 2024 on 24 March at Habay-la-Neuve in southern Belgium, have issued Bulletin 2 which can be found from the following link:

Interland 2024 – Bulletin 2

Bulletin 2 for Interland 2023 can be viewed from the link below. Final details will follow shortly.

Interland 2023 – Belgium – Bulletin 2

The first bulletin and invitation to Interland 2023 on 5 March in north east Belgium is available from the link below. A 42 strong all ages England team will be selected (see policies elsewhere) and published in the New Year.

Interland 2023 – Belgium – Bulletin 0

Interland 2022 cancelled

After the successful Interland hosted by England in 2020, the 2021 event had to be postponed to 2023.
Fédération Régionale des Sports d’Orientation (Begium) planned to host Interland 2022 but has, with regret, decided the continued uncertainty created by the sustained pandemic in Belgium will not allow them to host it satisfactorily (d’assurer l’hébergement et l’accueil des équipes participantes dans des conditions correctes).
Next year’s Interland is expected to be on 5 March 2023, organised by Orienteering Vlaanderen in north east Belgium.

VHI 2021 Cancelled

Unfortunately it has been impossible to organise the VHI 2021 Weekend on November 6th/7th as had been hoped. Apologies to those who may have made special efforts to attend selection races.

It is still hoped that England will be able to send a team to Interland 2022, including Vets as usual.

Andy Hemsted (HOC, Chair, England Vets Selectors.)

Interland 2022

The 2022 Interland cup will this year be hosted by Belgium.
See the Interland Page for more detail.

Interland 2021

With regret, England will not participate in Interland 2021 next February in Belgium. The conditions and national restrictions (including France and Belgium as well as England) in a few months’ time regarding events and travel are at best unpredictable, and at worst would make travelling impossible. This makes the organisational and financial risks of planning conditional participation too high and therefore unacceptable. Let us look forward to running in sunlit forests, hopefully next summer, and then at Interland 2022 hosted by FRSO (in southern Belgium).

Interland 2021

Interland 2021 is on 28 February in the complex woods of Kattenbos, near Lommel in the very north east of Belgium. Orienteering Vlaanderen and the HAMOK club are the hosts. Besides Interland’s regular teams, we expect a team from Luxembourg to take part. The first bulletin is HERE. Once the way ahead for orienteering competition in UK in 2020 is clearer, selection policies will be published, to raise a team of 42 spanning age groups from W and M14 to W and M65.