WJHI 2012 Results and Report

Results and a report from the recent Ward Junior Home Internationals 2012 in Surrey can now be found at the following link:

WJHI 2012 Results and Report

Photographs from the event, courtesy of Mark Cheeseman, are also now available from the link below:

WJHI 2012 Photographs

England Team – WJHI 2012

The team selected to represent England in the WJHI in 2012 is as follows;


Louise Adams(SYO)

Fiona Bunn (TVOC)

Lucy Haines (AIRE)

Chloe Potter (BOK)


Natalie Beadle (LOC)

Julie Emmerson (OD)

Katherine Hall (SYO)

Sarah Jones (BARRO)


Lucy Butt (Sarum)

Florence Haines (AIRE)

Zoe Harding (SROC)

Rosie Watson (WCOC)


Matthew Fellbaum (M|DOC)

Harrison McCartney (OD)

Aidan Rigby (CLOK)

Euan Tebbutt (LEI)


Michael Adams (SYO)

Dane Blomquist (BAOC)

William Rigg (LOC)

Joe Woodley (AIRE)


Matthew Elkington (OD)

Chris Owens (DEE)

Adam Potter (BOK)

Aidan Smith (SYO)

 Congratulations to all those selected..

 Keith Marsden (SEOA), Hilary Palmer (EMOA), Tim Tett (YHOA)

Selections for the England team for the Senior Home International on 22-23 September in Perthshire, Scotland can be found here.

England win Interland 2012

England came out winners in a close competition in the Interland Cup 2012 in southern Belgium last weekend.  The results are below and in greater detail here.

D14 9 10 6 21 11 21
D17 4 16 2 14 13 17
D20 8 2 0 12 10 13
D Open 0 16 3 7 13 16
D Master A 3 15 8 4 20 15
D Master B 3 15 5 3 10 19
D Master C 0 15 11 3 9 17
H14 6 13 0 4 14 18
H17 3 18 0 9 13 12
H20 1 14 0 12 11 7
H Open 3 17 6 15 23 13
H Master A 3 20 9 9 20 17
H Master B 1 19 9 9 16 12
H Master C 4 15 11 6 21 21
Grand Total 48 205 71 128 204 218



Interland 2012 England Team

The England Team for the Interland Cup 2012 on 22nd April at Habay-la-Neuve, southern Belgium is:

(Team is also available on the Interland pages)

Interland Class Name Club
M14 Euan Tebbutt LEI
M14 Harrison McCartney OD
M14 Matt Fellbaum MDOC
M17 Joe Woodley AIRE
M17 William Rigg LOC
M17 Michael Adams SYO
M20 Adam Potter BOK
M20 Jonny Malley EBOR
M20 Duncan Birtwistle BOK
M21 Ian Nixon AIRE
M21 Richard Robinson NOC
M21 Nick Barrable SYO
M40 Quentin Harding SROC
M40 Clive Hallett BOK
M40 Andy Monro HOC
M50 Alistair Wood AIRE
M50 John Britton MDOC
M50 Keith Masson MV
M60 Steve Whitehead EBOR
M60 Jim Prowting TVOC
M60 Andy Hemsted HOC
W14 Chloe Potter BOK
W14 Anne Ockenden SROC
W14 Kate Skinner WCOC
W17 Becky Young HH
W17 Julie Emmerson OD
W17 Rachel Emmerson OD
W20 Harriet Lawson DVO
W20 Laura Jones BARRO
W20 Jenny Evans NOC
W21 Helen Gardner SLOW
W21 Anne Edwards TVOC
W21 Lucy Butt SARUM
W40 Lucy Wiegand SYO
W40 Lesley Ross OD
W40 Ruth Ker AIRE
W50 Jackie Hallett BOK
W50 Jane Morgan SOC
W50 Jill Libby CLOK
W60 Hilary Palmer NOC
W60 Inara Gipsle TVOC
W60 Sheila Carey OD

Team Manager : John Rye

Selectors: EOC Junior, Senior and Veteran Selection Committees

EOC AGM 5th May 2012

Invitation to the Annual General Meeting Of the English Orienteering Council On Saturday 5th May 2012

The EOC AGM will take place on Saturday 5th May 2012 at the Gilpin Bridge Inn, Bridge End, Levens, Kendal LA8 8EP, (OS ref: SD 47128 85461) starting at 5:30pm, in the Bar

Please let me know if you will be attending.

The draft agenda is:


1. Apologies for absence

2. Minutes of 2011 AGM

3. Matters arising

4. Chairman’s Report

5. Treasurer’s Report

6. Home Internationals

7. Interland

8. Appointment of Selectors

9. Website

10. Team Kit

11. Election of Officers

12. AOB

13. Date of next meeting

Additional items for inclusion on the agenda should be submitted to me via email at secretary@orienteeringengland.org.uk by 28th April 2012.

Further details of the England Orienteering Council may be found on their website at www.orienteeringengland.org.uk


Chris Morris



England Vets selections for Interland 2012

The selections to the England Vets team for Interland 2012 can be found here.

SHI 2012 Selection Policy

The Senior Home International 2012 is to be hosted by Scotland in Perthshire on 22-23 September.  The England team will comprise 9 x Men (6 open, 3 x M20) and 9 Women (6 open, 3 x W20).  The team will be selected using the results of the UK Cup and Future Champions Cup races, and the Northern Championships (19 May) held between 11 March and 6 June, with the greatest importance accorded to the ‘Long’ races and the ‘Sprints’ accorded less. Other known form (till 31 July) may be considered for reserve selections if needed.  Potential team members are advised to draw the selectors’ attention to results in other races they feel would contribute to the selection process.  If M20 or W20 competitors run in the Open class then their results will be taken into account on a mpk basis. M35 or W35 competitors are encouraged to run Open if they seek selection nevertheless their results in class will be taken into account on a mpk basis. Selections will be made and promulgated by 1 July 2012.

Selectors: Martin Ward (SYO/SPOOK), Lesley Ross (OD), John Rye (RMOC, Chairman)

Junior Selection Policy – WJHI 2012

The recently published selection policy for the Ward Junior Home International 2012 can be found on the Home Internationals Junior page.

VHI 2012 Selection Policy

The Selection Policy for the VHI 2012 event in Ireland can by found here.