The Interland Cup is England’s only international competition outside the British Isles. England competes annually in this five-cornered match against two Belgian teams (Flemish and French speaking), the Netherlands, and the French Ligue des Hauts de France de Course d’Orientation (LHFCO) . The competition is truly a team effort spanning age groups from W and M14 to W and M60+: 42 team members in all. The Rules and Guidance for the competition are here:
Interland Rules and Guidelines

Belgium (FRSO) are hosting the Interland in 2017 in the Ardennes Forest, near Herbeumont (160km south of Brussels) on 2 April.

England (through the auspices of MV) hosted the Interland Cup in 2015, in the Surrey Hills on 8 February.

Interland 2015 Team

Interland 2015 Team

Interland Trophies

Interland trophies