The Interland Cup is England’s only international competition outside the British Isles. England competes annually in this five-cornered match against two Belgian teams (Flemish and French speaking), the Netherlands, and the French Ligue des Hauts de France de Course d’Orientation (LHFCO) . The competition is truly a team effort spanning age groups from W and M14 to W and M60+: 42 team members in all. The Rules and Guidance for the competition are here:
Interland Rules and Guidelines

Belgium (FRSO) are hosting the Interland in 2017 in the Ardennes Forest, near Herbeumont (160km south of Brussels) on 2 April.

England (through the auspices of MV) hosted the Interland Cup in 2015, in the Surrey Hills on 8 February.

Interland 2015 Team

Interland 2015 Team

Interland Trophies

Interland trophies

Belgium (VVO) are hosting Interland in 2016 on 21 February in the woods and dunes of ‘Maria ter Heide (Brasschat)’ NE of Antwerp.