Selection for the proposed International with Belgium, Germany, Holland etc (Interland 2008) to be held near Eindhoven, Netherlands on 2nd March 2008 will be based on the following events;

National Events

  • Yorkshire (AIRE) Saturday 15th September 2007
  • East Midlands (DVO) Sunday 9th December 2007

Regional Events

  • East Anglia (SMOC) Sunday 28th October 2007
  • South East (SN) Sunday 30th December 2007

and all known form up until  6 weeks before the proposed International.

It is anticipated that juniors wishing to be considered for selection will compete in 3 of the 4 races listed.

In keeping with the objectives of the England Selectors to use this competition to provide experience, it is unlikely that the Junior Selectors will consider members of the Great Britain Junior Performance Squad for selection.

It is likely that the composition of the Junior team will be 3 M/W14, 3 M/W16 and 1 M/W18.

It is unlikely that the selectors will consider juniors in ‘bottom year’ M/W14 ie born in 1995.

Please note that juniors wishing to be considered for Interland 2008 selection entering Regional events should enter the following courses;

  • M14/W14 – Courses JM4/JW4
  • M16/W16 – Courses JM5M/JW5S
  • M18/W18 – Courses JM5L/JW5L

England Junior Selectors: Keith Marsden (SEOA)  Hilary Palmer (EMOA)  Sarah Noot (YHOA)