The Vets classes for the England team will be selected using, as far as possible, results from these four events:

  • 15th September: AIRE National Event, Attermire
  • 28th October: SMOC Regional Event, Salcey
  • 9th December: DVO National Event, Longshaw
  • 30th December: SN Regional Event, Ash Ranges

Those wishing to be considered should attend at least two of these events. If these events give insufficient data for a particular class, then results from the JK and BOC will be used.

A competitor who changes age-class at the end of 2007 will be considered for their new age-class as well as the old, as long as the selectors are told of the change. This applies in particular to those M/W21’s born in 1973, who will become Vets in 2008. In these cases, and when other orienteers run up in selection events, results will be compared on a mins/k basis.

Selectors: Jackie Hallett (BOK), Ivor Noot (EPOC), Andy Hemsted (HOC, Chair)